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    Posted November 4, 2010 by
    fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Chirp


    Mitchell: "Let's just let our daughter have a normal childhood".

    Cam: "I think that gay cruise has sailed".

    Cam wants their daughter Lily to be in commercials and Mitchell doesn't.  So the conversation went.  Behind Mitchell's back Cam takes Lily on a commercial shoot.  Mitchell finds out and rushes down to the warehouse the commercial is being filmed.  While watching the filming, Mitchell is shocked at the content, it's racist he tells Cam.  They only wanted Asian babies to make fun of the Japanese, there is a gorilla knocking down skyscrapers like in Godzilla.  It takes Cam a few seconds to agree with Mitchell, then he swoops up the wrong baby in his anger.  Re-coops immediately and takes Lily away.


    Gloria and Manny visit Jay at work.  Gloria is all excited about their "anniversary", Jay is confused as to which anniversary they are celebrating this week.  Gloria celebrates every little thing they have experienced since they met.  An employee of Jay's lets Manny drive a forklift, Manny crashes right through a wall, Jay fires the employee and Manny is upset about that.


      Manny re-lives his experience at the hospital saying the ambulance ride was cool,  Jay tells him he wasn't in an ambulance, it was Jay's car.  Manny then asks why he heard a siren, Jay says "that was your mother", Gloria says "I didn't scream that loud" whereas Jay says " cars pulled over!"


      Manny decides he won't talk to Jay until he re-hires the man he fired.  Jay said that won't be happening, he could have killed my kid.  Manny didn't miss that "my kid" part and was really happy.  Manny then told Jay (who still didn't know what anniversary it was or where he was supposed to meet up with a waiting Gloria) that it was the anniversary of their first kiss and he was to meet her on the pier.  By the way, next week they celebrate the anniversary of Gloria's first cooked meal for Jay.


    Phil is going batty trying to find out which smoke detector is chirping.  Meanwhile Claire, who has an awful cold, shows us what not to do to the only breadwinner in the family, you don't sneeze on him, you don't blow your nose in his face, you don't kiss him, you don't wipe your nose on his sweater and you don't hand him your crumpled up snotty tissue.  ewwwww Claire, what were you thinking?


    Luke is wearing a space helmet to  keep the germs away, he has a school field trip coming up and doesn't want to get sick.  Haley comes home from school sick.  Claire and Haley are in bed bonding, watching a soap opera which gives Claire the idea to try convince Haley to stop seeing Dillon, her boyfriend that her parents don't like.  Claire uses a soap opera characters plight saying things like "that poor woman, she fell for the wrong man, she's a shell of a woman, she ruined her life etc etc.  Claire has convinced Haley that she was talking about herself and tries to convince her mom that her dad, although a doofus, is a good man and she has to stick by him.  Just as Claire was about to tell Haley she wasn't talking about herself Phil comes in the room.


    Phil has changed out every battery in every smoke detector but the chirping is still there and, it seems to be getting faster.  Then he takes a baseball bat and breaks everyone of them.  Still hears chirps!  Phil asks Luke if he trashed all the smoke detectors they took down last year.  Luke says he had put them all in the attic.  Problem solved!  Phil get's the sniffles!


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