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    Posted November 4, 2010 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Monopoly turns 75

    "Mr. Moneybags" (the original Monopoly rap!)


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     BassMUSIC says he's been playing guitar for four years.
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

    This is an acoustic song/rap that I wrote about the classic board game Monopoly!  It's a cute little song and I thought that it would be appropriote to share with the CNN iReport for Monopoly's 75th Anniversery.  Everyone that I've played it for got a laugh out of it, so I hope that you will too!  Lyrics:


    I'm no gamer, or property trader,
    So I'll wager that you'll never see me

    coming on your radar.
    But monopoly is home for me,

    you'll never see the victory in your favor.
    So deal the dollars, put your piece on go,
    and I'll make more dough than you

    ever thought possible. (hey, hey, hey)
    You think I'm wrong but I'll show you

    that I'm not just talk, (hey, hey, hey)
    Cause I have already built two houses on board walk.

    I pick up a chance card, it says get out of jail free,
    But you're gonna need it, more than me,

    'cause you just rolled a three.
    Go to jail you need doubles to make bail,
    Do not pass go and do not collect yo,
    200 hundred colorful bucks,
    You play me in monopoly,

    you're gonna need more than luck!
    But I'll make you a trade,

    I want the railroad so I'll exchange,
    New York Ave and St. James Place.

    Maybe you'll land on Free Parking space,
    And win, the lottery, eight hundred bucks

    is a lot of money to ha-ha-have.
    But you'll need it when you

    and on Tennessee A- A -Ave
    Cause I just built a hotel, right smack dab,
    In the middle of the board is Community chest,
    You better invest in less cause I'll guess that you're
    Gonna pick the card that makes you pay

    every player 10 dollar for every house you made. (hey, hey, hey)
    I bought every property that you want to own.

    (hey, hey, hey)
    When you're short on dough,

    you'd better take the Short Line home.

    They call me Mr. Money Bags,

    'cause I'm the richest, that's a fact
    I never land on income tax,

    take that, oh snap! (hey, hey, hey)
    I know board games really

    bring out my ego. (hey, hey, hey)
    So don't even get me started on Stratego!

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