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    Posted November 11, 2010 by
    Manhattan Beach, California
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    Local ABC4All / Burundi, Africa Creates Model for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)


    ABC4All announces the coming FOREVER Campaign for  Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) sharing ABC4All WorldSolutions™.  Included are advanced technologies for water, food and shelter. Burundi,  Africa is the first country to create a model campaign.




    Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief http://home.abc4all.net/ 1-310-712-5477

    Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA, Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Burundi, http://bit.ly/LABC4AllBurundi, +25777763651

    Nov 11, 2010 – Manhattan Beach, CA (AWWN) – ABC4All announces the  coming FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) sharing  ABC4AllWorldSolutions™. Included are advanced technologies for water, food and shelter.

    Burundi, Africa is the first country to create a model campaign for  Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR): Saving Lives! Watch Out World (WOW)! Local ABC4All / Burundi Co-Founder, Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA states, "The  Burundi campaign model includes a vision to see that people anywhere  are stimulated and immediately make decisions to do the same, to stand  up and offer a positive model to help others."

    To start is an offering for a new technology for water. The trademarked name is:


    Unexpected kindness for people everywhere!
    ABC4All cares. ABC4All shares. YOU Decide!TM

    Well WaterTM has been shared with people across USA/Canada and  offers improved hydration, drinking water as nature intended. The  introduction of Well WaterTM makes possible "Better Water for a Better  World."TM

    Exclusive patented technology for Well WaterTM offers many uses and  applications. The information about its scientifically proven uses will  be shared via ABC4All's global campaign: The FOREVER Campaign for Global  Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR) with today's INTENTION MEDITATION at 11:11  a.m., is to be followed by a 1-hour preview, a 24-hour kickoff  celebration in every time zone and future webcasts proposed for the 4th  Wednesday of each month.

    With ABC4All Mentors in 109 countries via the ABC4All Global  Mentoring TEAM Project, this drinking water for the people will be made  available on a humanitarian aid basis for emergent situations, including  countries such as Haiti and Pakistan affected by recent natural  disasters. With support from any country, the technology will be made  available where it is needed most and eventually for anyone alive who is  receptive to give it a try.


    A Better Community For All (ABC4All) focuses on the betterment of  citizenry and communities via a give-back model of conducting business  in the world: “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the  Internet.”™ Support is offered for charitable causes worldwide.  ABC4AllWorldSolutions! provide opportunities to reach unimagined “Health Heights™.” A healthier water and application of advanced technologies bring the  potential for humanitarian relief wherever it is needed throughout the  world in emergent/non-emergent situations. http://home.abc4all.net

    ABOUT Local ABC4All/Burundi

    Jean-Claude KAMWENUBUSA, Co-Founder, brings clarity where there is  confusion, and offers a clear sense of direction: "Let's be ONE  Everywhere you are, wherever you go and at anytime."  http://bit.ly/


    ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN), a Global Network offering FREE EasyLearning and Edutainment! AWWN is accessible via Internet or Cellphone from any location in the world! http://awwn.abc4all.net

    ABOUT Well WaterTM

    Well WaterTM has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure nor prevent any disease.
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