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    The Economist: 30 Baht Health Care of Thaksin Shinnawatra nice than Obama's health insurance.


    The Economist: 30 Baht Health Care of Thaksin  Shinnawatra nice than Obama's health insurance.
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    Obama and services is complex. Which he failed. Do not understand what it is. That is the main reason why Democrats were recruited (the Party of Obama) do not like Thaksin Shinawatra, who can not reap the benefits of providing universal health care coverage.

    Source Democracy in America blog site The Economist.
    Translated by a team of Thai News E-News.
    November 11, 2553.
    Thai E-News Note: On November 8 last. A pseudonym to write an article on MS, it gives me? "To block democracy in America.The Impact of Web sites Kano Mist. Review project plans, the health of President Obama. Compared with the 30 baht health care policies of November. Thaksin Shinawatra in similar projects that fight the crisis did not.

    One week before the election in the past week. I was sitting with friends drinking beer and talking. In that people are talking about. About the social health insurance. We sat thinking political base. Previously. The new leaders of the popular election of the national system. Health insurance from government funds.

    Elite national fiscal. And professionalism are either against the new system. To see their tax money to support the health of others. That the new law on corruption is to be used in obtaining the voice of. Election and powers of the government.

    Doctors and medical personnel against it as well, said the administration of government health forced them to function at a rate not Economic justice and to destroy the quality of service at a high level for at Will be able to pay for healthcare. Leader of the Opposition with trends hate the voice of traditional leaders is to resist, especially with the south.
    The fact that he was a child. Half the predecessor of the minority did not help at all. The angry political issue in the form of protests in the capital of the country. The authoritarian leader is accused of corruption. Although he will be elected from the voice of the majority. Television and print media, which is rich Poepornrnc of the opponent with Leadership and help to fund the protests.

    Finally Cuamแcgn opposition from the wealthy elite. With business interests. The voice vote and the opposition leader to be ousted by a coup. The secret is the support of the (sensor).

    Yes, there are tricks: When I was in Thailand, however, that this is the story of Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted four years ago, when Thai Rak Thai party becomes illegal. Generation of soldiers that will follow with the Democrats to do anything. To exterminate what is the political legacy of Thaksin.

    But 30 baht health care Thaksin ($ 1 for every treatment) for health insurance. Which most poor people have access to medical care. Still exist and are unlikely to be canceled.

    This system is not perfect. Drew a number of Thai people without health insurance dropped from 16.5 million in 2544 to 2.9 million in the year 2548 only 4% of the population. Elite who use the discourse that "Useless" against the plan. They claim that doctors can charge for their services than to use the 30 baht health care services which do not appear to have very little exception.

    Even slum The poorest in Thailand. People can go to the doctor now. Poor people in Thailand have to keep looking, but the medical system, but many world-class service. Travel foreigners (like me) with professional services. While they themselves can not go to the doctor when sick children. They can access the medical system and no political power that would dare to depart from what they

    This is a basic consensus on the article by Williams in the United States of cells instead of arguing that the Democratic Party were recruited should be made in the health care system to cover all over it. Cover victory. Although the effect of the election. 30 U.S. policy, like health care. Obama and services.Is not likely to be canceled. But there will be reform and improvement.

    But Thailand is a useful example. To point out the differences.The most important thing I think is the simplicity of traditional Thai 30 baht health care is poor, not even most of the north ofCountry to understand

    Simplicity enables the support of poor peasants. Strong support that he will win the election in Thailand today if He did not need asylum, and being an arrest warrant.

    On the other hand. Obama and services is complex, which he failed to win the Alliance. Support of the health insurance. He did not understand what it is. That is the main reason why Democrats were recruited (the Party of Obama) did not like Thaksin Shinawatra can not reap the benefits of providing universal health care coverage.
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