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    Posted November 17, 2010 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Dancing With The Stars Brandy Or Bristol


    This is my opinion of this season's Dancing With The Stars.  Don't read it if you want a sugar coated version.


    All season long Bristol Palin was in last place from the judges except maybe one time.  For the last six shows she has been in last place.  She is a darling girl and her dancing has improved quite a bit but, she has made it so other dancers have been voted out.  Why? How?


    Why, because her mother is Sarah Palin.  How, because Sarah has a huge "fan" base of followers.  This season is not about how well you dance, it's about who your mother is. Even Tom the host brought this up on air last night.


    When I saw Brandy's face when it was announced she was voted off, I wanted to cry.  Brandy danced a perfect 30 last night, Bristol danced a 27, her highest ever but still lower than Brandy.  The look on Brandy's face was of total shock.  She couldn't even speak and she didn't do the final dance like all the others did when they were voted off.


    I don't usually review shows that I don't like, I like this show but I am extremely upset over what is going on.  This just isn't right and if I were Bristol I would actually be embarrassed.  But when Bristol was asked about what everyone is talking about, about how her mothers supporters are voting in droves, she said she's holding her own and that she's proud of herself or something like that.  Bristol is very young, 19, so things like this don't really register in your brain at that age.


    I can tell you this, IF Bristol wins it all, Dancing  With The Stars will have just destroyed their entire show.


    Thanks for listening.

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