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    Posted November 18, 2010 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Manny Get Your Gun


    Yes Manny, get your gun, away from your mom before she takes one of yours or Jays eyes out!  Gloria is late getting ready for Manny's birthday party, not only that but she can't find the car keys.  Jay gave Manny a BB gun, when Manny asked if he's really old enough, because the box says 16 and older, Jay says yes, he was born 16.  Manny reflects on his childhood and realizes he never really had one.  When he starts doing the things kids do, like make crank calls, mix sodas and lay on a floatie in the pool with his full  suit on, Gloria freaks out, she starts yelling and screaming at both Manny and Jay, then shoots the floatie Manny is lying on with the BB gun.  Don't make this hot tamale mad!!


    Seems Jay had the keys all along and placed them in Gloria's purse which made her even madder, he was trying to teach her a lesson.  They finally took off to the restaurant where Manny's birthday party with the entire clan was to be held.


    While all this was going on, Mitchell and Cam were at the Mall to buy a present for Manny.  Mitchell kept trying to steer Cam towards the exit.  Cam wanted to basically people watch and get Mitchell to loosen up and realize that work wasn't everything, enjoy life.  After a failed attempt to help out an old man get a lady's attention, they finally headed down the escalator when all the sudden loud music started.  Cam got all excited, it's a FLASH MOB dance.  So who do you think jumps right in the middle and does the mob dance in unison with everyone?  Cam?  Nope, Mitchell, Mr Stuffy pants himself, he had planned this all along as a love letter to Cam.  But when Cam found out that Mitchell learned this dance from a male co-worker, he got upset.  The two finally took off for the party.


    While all that was going on we switch over to the Dunphys.  Claire is rounding everyone up to get to the party.  Jay is filling out an application for "Family Summer Camp" where he rubs it in Claires face that his white team beat out her blue team last year in sports games, he calls it the bluzer team.  Then he say's (forgive me) "if you ain't white you ain't right", Claire looks at him and yells "didn't you learn anything?"  Then they show Phil wearing a T-shirt with that slogan on it and a black driver ignoring him (I think it was a flashback to camp).


    They argue about which direction they will take to get to the restaurant, then make a bet with each other that their way is faster, they take two cars and race to the party.  Phil gets a flat after he hit a curb swerving out of the way of another car, he has Haley and Alex with him.  Claire pulls off to the side of the road to talk to Luke about why he wanted to go with Phil instead of her.  So, both are sidetracked in the race.


    Once they both get going, they get going fast!   They pulled up to the front of the restaurant at the same time as Mitchell and Cam, and Jay, Gloria and Manny, all four cars come to a screeching halt barely missing a four car collision.


    In the restaurant Manny gives a speech and toasts himself.  All the couples apologize to each other.  But wait!!


    Back at Jay and Gloria's house, Jay see's the car keys lying where they aren't supposed to be so he picks them up and just as he is about to drop them in the ice bucket (to teach Gloria a lesson)..........Gloria shoots the BB gun and hits the bucket.....PING.  Watch out Jay, and Manny, get your gun!!!


    I'm hoping the racy dialogue in this episode doesn't hurt the show.  I actually gasped when Phil said that and when they showed that T-shirt.  Funny is funny but that wasn't funny to me.


    Be sure to watch Wednesday Nights on ABC.

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