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    Posted November 18, 2010 by
    Guangzhou, China

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    Follow Up to CNN report "Taiwan fury after athlete's Asian Games disqualification in China"


    Hi there,


    As a follow-up to your report

    "Taiwan fury after athlete's Asian Games disqualification in China"


    I'd like to raise the following facts:


    1. Yang and her coach and even the Taiwanese Ministery of Sports were not aware (or notified) of the illegality of the said socks prior to the match.


    2. Yang was asked, by the referee, to change the socks she was wearing initially (first pair, new model); she then changed into her 2nd pair of 'illegal' socks (old model),

    which were inspected, signed off and deemed 'ok' by the inspectors.


    3. Both Yang and Vu performed 'test kicks' immediately prior to the match ;

    their kicks and therefore sock sensors were confirmed 'ok'


    **The images/video show that the sock sensors were removed prior to the match.

    So how was it that Yang was disqualified because of them?**


    Please look through these images captured from a video clip taken during

    Yang Shu-chun's match with her opponent Vu Thi Hau.


    (image captures taken from




    The video clip (on youtube):





    ******** 2010/11/19 update - more facts ********



    1.  World Taekwondo Federation Secretary-General stated that the use of  Yang's first pair of socks (old model) is in fact NOT banned.


    However,  the sensors on this particular pair (Yang was wearing) were 'incorrectly'placed/positioned  on the heels of the socks. And Yang allegedly misplaced the sensors  deliberately with the intention of scoring more points.


    2.  WTF failed to explain how Yang could have passed the inspection with  misplaced sensors ; and is claiming that Yang put on the sensors  manually AFTER the inspection.


    3.  WTF also failed to convince how Yang could have done so under the  watchful eyes of all those present during the match, not to mention the  window of opportunity needed for pulling off this "shocking act of deception."


    4.  Judging from the image posted in the update (link below),  the said sensors were taken off of  Yang's socks after the test kicks / prior to the match.



    Image taken from


    ******** 2010/11/21 update - more facts ********

    1. The Asian Taekwondo Union website blocks all connection requests coming from Taiwan


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