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    Posted November 22, 2010 by
    Washington, District of Columbia
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    Never Reported JFK Assassination Related News


    A few years ago, the news cycle covered the strange saga of Alaska's Robert "Papa Pilgrim" Hale, the father of a large wilderness family of home schooled children who was prosecuted for bulldozing an old logging road through a National Forest to provide access to his recenlly purchased homestead.


    Some of the coverage reported the on the oddity that Hale was newly married to John B. Connally's daughter in 1959 when he was cleared in an investigation of her shotgun death in their Florida apartment. There was even some mention that Hale's father was former TCU All American football star, IB Hale, a former FBI agent who in 1963 was manager of industrial security at the General Dynamics Ft. Worth aircraft plants.


    In the summer of 1962, FBI agents observing a Los Angeles apartment leased by Johnny Rosselli and occupied by Judith Exner reported that two young men were observed entering and leaving that apartment through a balcony doorway and then observed leaving the area in a vehicle with a Texas license plate traced to the ownership of IB Hale. The reports of this display initials of top FBI officials in Washington, and the decision not to alert Hale to this information, although he had been a former FBI agent and cooperative with the FBI in the past.


    Judith Exner was linked to both JFK and to Chicago mobster Sam Giancana, and in 1962, General Dynamics was fighting for its financial stability over the competition for the award of the $6 billion fighter plane defense contract called TFX, the most expensive single award in history.


    The recent reporting on Robert Hale described his mother as Virginia Hale and reported that the Hales lived on Fortune Road in Ft. Worth. These details can be matched to Warren Commission exhibit no. 1389 or

    CE1389. http://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh22/pdf/WH22_CE_1389.pdf The exhibit descibes the details and names of persons on the staff of the Texas State Employment Office in Ft. Worth in early 1964. The FBI interviews in this exhibit include the name of Virginia Hale of Fortune Road. She told the FBI she had met Lee Harvey Oswald at her office and had later contacted him with instructions to go the a job interview at Leslie Welding, where Oswald was subsequently hired.


    There is no record in the Warren Commission report that the FBI ever informed the Commission's investigators that the son of former FBI agent IB Hale had been the spouce of Connally's late daughter, that the same son and his twin had been observed burglarizing of Judith Exner's apartment, that IB Hale was security manager at General Dynamics while another man with similar employment, Max Clark, was investigated by the Commission, or that IB Hale's wife Virginia had had contact with Lee Harvey Oswald some months before the assassination to the point she had aided him in obtaining a job.


    Not only are the number of coincidences in these relationships a concern, the fact that the FBI knew all of this information and chose not to inform the Commission of these connections is still a cause for concern, even 47 years later.

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