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    Posted November 25, 2010 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Mother Tucker


    Mother Tucker has come for a visit.  Cam loves his mother and says she's the best mother ever.  But what Cam doesn't know is, mommy likes to kiss and touch Mitchell in places he would rather not be touched by his life partners mother. Mitchell has always had issues with affection.  When Mitchell tries to coax mommy dearest to touch him so that Cam can see it, Cam overhears Mitchell doing this and calls him aside to ask him why he is telling his mother to touch his butt.  Mitchell then explains what has been going on all these years but Cam doesn't believe him.  Just as Mitchell is telling Cam that it's true and that it creeps him out, mommy walks in the room hearing what he said.  She then apologizes later through the bathroom door where Mitchell is taking a bubble bath, telling him she didn't mean anything by it, Mitchell tells her it's ok.  Mother Tucker then walks into the bathroom, sits on the edge of the bathtub while a very embarrassed Mitchell can't seem to come up with anything to say.  Then, she drops her bracelet into the bath water, starts fishing around to find it just as Cam walks in and decides he agrees with Mitchell.  Mom promises to not be too affectionate anymore, Cam takes their picture?  All is ok.


    Jay isn't feeling well but Gloria thinks Americans are wimps when it comes to ailments so she doesn't think he needs to go see a doctor.  When he starts feeling worse, he and Manny look up his symptoms on medical websites.  Gloria says when you do that all you are doing is "read it here, think it here (pointing to her head) and feel it here".

    Jay ends up feeling so much worse he finally see's a doctor who tells him he has appendicitis and he needs immediate surgery.  Hearing this, Gloria totally freaks out thinking she could have killed her husband by not letting seeing a doctor sooner.


    Haley is caught kissing the boy who tutor's her after school by her mother Claire.  Claire is happy because she thinks Haley could do much better than her current boyfriend Dylan.  Haley decides to break up with Dylan by texting him.  Dylan texted back an unhappy face to Phil (they got along fine).  Phil decides to take Dylan out guitar shopping.  As they are sitting at a cafe eating ice cream, Phil leaves the table just for a moment when Haley spots Dylan sitting at the table with an empty chair with an orange stripped sweatshirt on it.  She drills the host of the cafe and determines that Dylan has already found a new girlfriend.  Upset, she goes home and tells her family that Dylan already has a new girlfriend.  Dylan shows up seconds later at the house.  Haley confronts him about his new girlfriend and that she saw him at the cafe, Dylan tells her he doesn't have a new girlfriend, just then he gets a text, Haley grabs the phone thinking it was the girl, it's Phil, who is walking down the stairs wearing the orange stripped sweatshirt Haley saw on the chair at the cafe.  A lightbulb went off in Haley head and she was happy there was no girlfriend, she tried to let Dylan know she wanted him back but before she could Dylan told her he only wants to date himself for a while.  He's going to Graceland!!


    As always this was a great episode, although it didn't really seem like a comedy tonight, except for the bathroom scene, that was hilarious.


    Be sure to watch Wednesday nights on ABC.


    Happy Thanksgiving to all..........

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