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    Posted November 26, 2010 by
    Tehran, Iran

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    (The following is a translation of an announcement from "Green Experts of Iran." A link to the Farsi-language original can be found below.)


    Green Correspondents

    Green Experts of Iran

    Nov 22, 2010


    Green Experts of Iran has released the following statement:


    On this anniversary of the historic student uprising that took place on 16 Azar 1332 (Dec 7 1953) in opposition to the Coup d'Etat against the nation and the Americans’ collaboration with the Coup government of the time ---intended to plunder Iran’s oil resources –- and once again in opposition to the government’s politico-military coup and the treasonous oil consortium formed with China this time, which will undoubtedly destroy Iran’s economy over the next 35 years we request a week-long boycott of all Chinese products for the week leading to 16 Azar 1389 (Dec 7 2010.)


    This statement also points out that the month of Azar (December) symbolizes “Students’ steadfast resistance against oppressive regimes”--those students who have always been the defenders of national interest and the pioneers in the quest for reform and development.


    16 Azar (Dec 7) reminds us of the big “NO” from the blood-soaked students that like a glorious flag flying at full mast, call upon the people to stand firm and resist the internal tyranny and the external domination.


    Although today’s political-economic circumstances of Iran resemble those of 1953’s and the Coup Government’s rise to despotic power reminds us of the dark days of those years, fortunately this time,the people of Iran have cleverly founded a widespread “Green” Movement, the crackdown of which is impossible-- and the silencing of which falls beyond the government’s capacity.


    In recent months, the regime’s weakness and illegitimacy inside the country as well as its multi-dimensional isolation in foreign relations have led the totalitarian militants and their leader to enter into shameful and treasonous agreements to ensure personal gains and wider access to military equipment, at the cost of plundering national wealth and subjecting the citizens to irreparable damages.


    One such shameful agreement is the oil consortium of December 2006 between Iran and China which was revised and secretly signed in May 2010.  This is a contract in which Iran agrees to settle for less than 50% of the shares, thereby relinquishing most of the country’s oil resources to China for 35 years.  Additionally, Iran agrees to spend 45% of her share of the proceeds to import Chinese-made, sub-standard products.


    Whereas the government has chosen a path of betraying its own people and unwisely selling out to foreign elements, therefore, in a nationalistic movement to protest the despotic regime and such shameful agreements and to demonstrate public outrage we are behooved to refrain from purchasing any Chinese-made products for one week -- called the “Boycott China Week”.  Furthermore,  our patriotic merchants are expected to refrain from displaying Chinese products in the market to the extent possible.


    The current climate of the country calls for our seamless unity in demonstrating our loyalty to the nation’s independence and our support for the country’s laborers, workers, farmers and our domestic products that are on the brink of destruction.


    The “Boycott China Week” which begins on 10th and ends on 16th of Azar, commemorates the freedom movement of this historic day.  This national unity is an effort to continue the Green Movement’s fight against a regime that is intent on destroying our country.  This national movement is our way of saying “NO” to the demise of Iran and Iranian identity…  “NO” to the shaming of us Iranians... And “YES” to our Green aspirations and the unity of a Great Nation in achieving freedom…




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