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    Microwave Research: Industry Canada Spectrum Management and Telecommunications


    Dear Industry Canada Spectrum


    I do research on workplace psychological harassment and criminal psychological harassment that can include the use of different technologies.


    The website is called:


    Psychological Harassment Information Association


    Q. I would like to know what methods are available to detect powerful microwaves if a person believes a neighbor is aiming powerful telecommunication or radar equipment at them to cause cellular damage or cancer?


    A. After a discussion with a member of Spectrum I was provided with some information regarding the detection of microwaves and some brand names related to the spectrum analyzers.

    1) I would like to have more information on the equipment required to detect microwaves that can be harmful.


    2) I would like to know what services linked to the detection of microwaves are available if a Canadian citizen such as yourselves is targetted by powerful microwaves and what steps or actions you would personally take to protect yourselves and detect these.


    3) I would like to know what cheaper solutions are available to the average Canadian such as spectrum analyzer software, receivers, and antennas instead of the expensive industry standard spectrum analyzers.


    4) If possible a list or series of refurbished spectrum analyzers that would be adequate or recommended for the this task.


    5) If possible a list of antenna's that have the ability to detect powerful microwaves such as radar.


    6) What components or component combination are required to not only detect powerful microwaves but also their origins or location of broadcast.


    Danny Hunt

    Some links of interest to the website:




    New Research on Microwave Technology linked to Subjugation or Assassination through Cancer - (news flash)


    Similar to the sound distortion research, new research on the use of microwave technology such as radar or x-ray that organized crime would use to assassinate a victim through cancer will soon begin.


    - Detection methods and the components involved.

    - Shielding methods such as lead sheets, lead glass, medical aprons etc.

    - Authorities will be contacted before to address any concerns.

    - The research may involve the purchase of radar guns or similar more powerful military components for testing or experimenting.


    The results of the research such the components needed to detect and analyze the microwave spectrum will be placed on the website for those interested.






    Microwave Detection Methods, Spectrum Analyzer - (news flash)


    A spectrum analyzer and antenna are used to detect microwaves.


    Some Brands are:
    - HP Spectrum Analyzers
    - Anritsu Spectrum Analyzers


    Cheaper components and solutions may exist such as antenna, receivers, and spectrum analyzer software.

    Research is ongoing in to detection methods, the technology involved, and the components involved.





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