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    Posted December 9, 2010 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Dance Dance Revelation


    Manny and Luke are going to their first school dance.  Manny is desperate to find a teal pocket square whereas Luke needs a new suit, one that fits him.  Jay and Phil are charged with taking the boys to the mall.  While waiting for a car to pull out of a spot someone else rushes their car into it.  Jay gets upset and wants Phil to yell at the guy, Phil is to mellow a guy to do that.


    Once the boys find their items they are in line at the register when some guy cuts in front of them saying he only has one thing to buy and he's in a hurry.  Jay tells the guy that they are in a hurry too but Phil says it's ok, let the guy go ahead of them.  Then, the guy is telling the clerk he wants the sale prices for items he bought last week, Jay gets upset, knowing  it's going to take longer, and Phil just decides he needs to go find some socks for Luke anyway. Jay spots the man that took their parking space and gets in his face big time, the man tells him that his dog just died today and he's just mindlessly roaming around and starts crying.  Jay backs off.


    Getting off the escalator, Phil is confronted with a salesman who promptly sprays Phil with "Oasis for Men" cologne.  Phil comes un-glued, grabs the cologne and sprays the salesman in the face ranting and yelling at him that you don't do that, all women can relate to this hilarious scene, then the chases the salesman all through the store spraying him with Oasis for Men.  Phil ends up in the security station and Jay comes to get him.  They have a long talk about feelings and tempers, Jay wishes he could be a bit more like Phil but not too much.  Jay asks Phil what he did and Phil tells him he sprayed  cologne on a salesman.  Jay just looks at Phil like, that's all?


    Claire is in charge of the school party.  Gloria wants to help as she was assigned to be co-chair.  Claire clearly does not want Gloria there but Gloria shows up anyway.  Claire's pure jealousy of Gloria comes shinning through.  Gloria wants the tables here, Claire wants the tables there etc etc.  Once the dance starts Claire has her drink spilt all over her by a running child.  As she is in the restroom cleaning up Gloria comes in.  They have their little spat but then Gloria explains that she needs to be seen as a regular women not some hot babe that's out to steal all the women's husbands. Gloria is worried that other mother's won't let their kids play with Manny. Claire gets a better understand of Gloria.


    Cam and Mitchell have to come to terms that their adopted Asian daughter Lily might not be as perfect as they had thought.  She bit a little boy at the playground.  Then she bit Cam twice while in the car.  Mitchell blames Cam for this because he playfully pretends to bite Lily's feet so she thinks it's ok to bite.  They both get on the internet and look up kids that bite, the remedies are pretty barbaric except for the pepper one.  Mitchell likes the pepper idea but Cam does not, they fight about it.  Then they just look at Lily and Mitchell says, "we just have to get used to the idea that our little Lily isn't perfect".  Then, Mitchell says, "nevermind, she is perfect", Lily slaps Mitchell in the face.




    "Our parents faked their way through it, you fake your way through it, hopefully you don't raise a serial killer".


    Be sure to watch Wednesday nights on ABC.

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