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    TRON LEGACY-Interviews/Review.. Part I


    DISNEY'S TRON LEGACY 3D is a wild ride that fans have been eagerly awaiting. TRON, released in 1982, written & directed by Steven Lisberger, set the bar high with it's cutting edge technology and visionary storyline.TRON might not have been a mega hit for Disney back in the 80's, but it most definitely has a cult following.

    Does TRON LEGACY live up to it's much awaited arrival? In some ways yes, and in other ways it is lacking.
      The movie is about Sam Flynn ( Garrett Hedlund), a troubled 27 year old who has not come to terms with his father's disappearance. Sam has a percentage of his father's company, but has no desire to take it over. He would just as soon play pranks on the board members, and live life on the edge, risking all, as he has nothing to loose.
    Bruce Boxleitner returns as Flynn's loyal & trusted best friend, Alan Bradley, and now surrogate father to Sam. He brings Sam the news that his beeper went off indicating there could be news from father.The story takes off from here.
       One of the goals was to make the viewer feel like they have entered into the grid and are part of the movie. This has been achieved. It's spectacular explosive use of digital technology and 3D is over the top.  I think in an attempt to be bigger and better than what has been done before, some depth of storyline was lost.
    The actors did a good job with what they had. Jeff Bridges plays Kevin Flynn and CLU (a digital younger version of Jeff). CLU is a master program. Jeff does an amazing job with both characters, but it is his older, zen like character, Flynn, that audiences will relate to. He is literally trapped in a world he created.
       Olivia Wilde comes on board to play Quorra. Olivia does an excellent job embodying her character and reaching for new heights as an actor. Michael Sheen is funny as the colorful program who owns a night club, Grid's End of The Line Club. A blue drink at his bar could cost you. He is an opportunist at best.
       The design team for the vehicles, gadgets, & costumes did an exceptional job. The new Lightcycles are incredible & the Lightsuits are detailed works of art... that alone is worth going to see,  & the music by Daft Punk will rock you out of your seat! Really cool!!
       TRON LEGACY will arrive in theaters December 17th.  I would recommend going to an IMAX Theatre to get the full effect. TRON LEGACY will be what it is meant to be; Entertainment....  and state of the art technology in film.
       Part II.. Interview with Jeff Bridges.
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