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    "V" Series: "Red Rain"


    A new year begins, new seasons for TV shows follow. With the "V" series starting , all new seasons of old (and new) exciting programs that we cherish are coming back, ending the insufferable television long pause. With a bit of excitement for the “red sky”, something a bit apocalyptic, begins the second season of "V" with the premonition of a war between two races coming up. The visitors arrived in the first season with the promise of peace, as their queen and leader, Anna, always says "We are at peace, always”; hiding her real intentions, of course, inside her hypocritical altruism to earthlings.

    As many know, this series is a remake of its original 1983 miniseries, but with the new technologies and advances in cinematography the series is suppose to look promising. Although I still remember as a child I saw the reruns of the original on the SciFi channel and I remember vividly watching lizard skin under the human skin and how that marked me for life. Now I am captivated with all topics about aliens and invasions and conspiracies; which of course attracted me to watch the new “V” series in the first place. But nothing like that has impressed me so far with the remake series.

    The season one finale, way back in May of 2010, left us with a red sky as part of Anna’s tantrum; her first human emotion (which is a taboo among aliens or Vs). These aliens are called Visitors or ‘V’ for short. This happened when all her eggs (or children) were killed by FBI agent Erica with the assistance of Anna’s daughter Lisa. There is a resistance among the visitors called the Fifth Column. They are against Anna’s plan (whatever that would be because so far we are still confuse about the V’s real plans, which we as viewers don’t know fully, even if some of us really know it from the original miniseries that they are tricking us to eat us and colonize the planet). But looking for the original show’s plot line is a cheat. I want to view this with fresh eyes as possible.

    The sky is still red, and the government agencies have no idea what is going on. (And they haven’t taken any military precautions of any sort; something suspicious or maybe they are just scared). Anna will not talk to the media and not even with Chad Decker (the only human reporter that Anna seems to like and talks to when is convenient for her). Now Chad noticed that something bad is brewing. Chad is seeking for redemption after being used by Anna to hunt down the Fifth Column, but we’re not entirely sure if he is working an angle, even if he’d seeing that the Vs tortured humans and now he is on the 5th Column’s side. But then again, if he turned against us, it wouldn’t surprise me too much.

    Meanwhile, Ryan (a V who fell in love with a human woman) has been kept in isolation on the mothership, away from his hybrid baby (a lizard-human girl) so that Anna can experiment on her. After Ryan tried to escape with his daughter, Anna banished him down to Earth and kept his daughter to discover how to breed Vs with humans. Then Erica and her team have to decide whether or not to allow Ryan back into Fifth Column, thinking that it could be part of one of Anna’s trap.

    But Erica also has to deal with the fact that it begins to rain red water-like, all over the world. Literally it looks like blood falling from the sky. Then the Fifth Column team goes on a journey to find a scientist who can give the answers to what Red Sky (and red rain) really is. The scientist they found (using the information Lisa gave Erica) is the wrong one, by name, but is the right one; meaning that the V’s don’t know who the real one is. That confusion is good news for the Fifth Column team.

    Then they learned the horrifying secret of what the V's are doing on our planet, making to rain ‘phosphorus’ (a very important compound for the Vs to live and reproduce). Apparently they are trying to modify our planet so they can live here happily ever after. We also discovered the possibility that Erica was being experimented on during her pregnancy. That would explain Anna’s interest on Tyler (Erica’s son) and why she wants her daughter Lisa and Tyler to be together.

    In other news, Joshua (the V leader of the Fifth Column) was revived after being shot on season finale. But the only problem is that he doesn’t remember anything about anything. And that could be a problem or a blessing in disguise. You decide. But anyways I am happy he is alive, I really liked him. Also, we finally had seen the V’s real face beneath the human skin, when Anna (with her freaky lizard tail) kills one of her captains, skinning his face and the stabbing his heart (curiously on the right side of the chest if I’m not mistaken). Their looks seem as disgusting as any cheesy classic sci-fi show in the 60’s (like a Star Trek kind of way). But is network television so we cannot expect too much.

    This premiere of “V” was actually a great start to the second season. Sure, certain elements were missing, but that can happen with any series. Even if it feels like they are still confused on what the show wants, like where the V’s are going for but I have to stop comparing the original with the remake because it seems that they are going different ways. And during the last seconds we had a little treat, when we saw Anna’s mother coming out of a cocoon. For the real fans anyways, because she was the actress who played the queen on the original miniseries. So it was exciting to see her. This show is not only entertaining and intriguing, but also provides the viewers a bit of uneasy anticipation about the things to come and a touch of excitement about actually seeing it happening. In that aspect, "V" delivers completely.

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