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    Posted January 5, 2011 by
    Florence, South Carolina

    EEOC vs. Goodwill Industries of Lower South Carolina (Florence)


    The Assistant Manager, of Florence County, Florence, S.C. Goodwill Store is on suspension after allegations of alleged verbal mistreatment of Program Participants working at the Florence Store and behavior (unknown) with her immediate supervisor, the Stores Manager.


    Suspension came only AFTER the Asst. Mgr., looked to her District. Mgr., Cindy Kauffman for advice and resolve concerning unacceptable actions of her supervisor . These allegations involve, however are not limited to unethical activity involving former employees that were terminated without good cause and on false allegations, and the extremes that were taken to cover it up. Attorneys are known to be involved & EEOC complaints have been filed.


    At this time the Asst. Mgr. is being given a option to meet and discuss matters regarding the allegations against her by arranging a offsite meeting with Charlene Stephenson, the company’s Director of Human Resources.


    If the Asst. Mgr., should opt out or refuse to meet with the Director away from the Goodwill Store in which she was employed for a constructive meeting, the Director has stated in writing sent certified mail, "you give us no choice but to review your refusal as resignation of your current position and mutual termination of our employment relationship." A February 22, 2010 time limitation to concur by email or phone to set a time and place was given.


    Program Participants working at the Florence County, Florence Goodwill Store are paid employees, given paid counsel to be a voice for them in alleged allegations involving poor work performance and/or misconduct when addressed by a supervisor. The Florence Goodwill Asst. Mgr. states that she was subjected repeatedly by Program Participant employees to ill mannered accusations, insubordination, retaliation, & discrimination by repeated slur regarding her national origin.


    A Program Participants involved in the alleged accusations against the Asst. Mgr. was counseled and put on a job save probation which involved a 90 day probationary period. During this probationary period the Asst. Manger stated that she was held responsible for the continued insubordination of the Program Participant without further recourse toward the Program Participant Employee. The Program Participant was allegedly seeking help in anger management classes.


    The Asst. Manager acknowledges that her immediate supervisor, the Store Manager informed her that out of the (2) two things that would get her terminated from Goodwill Industries-  the first- getting a Program Participant (DC) in trouble or terminated, & the second- getting caught stealing-she had done one of them and she as a store manager didn’t know how to handle it to save the peace with the Corporate Rule that was relayed to her by a previous store manager.


    Recent terminations by this particular store include but are not limited to alleged dismissal due to pregnancy, alleged sexual harassment by improper conduct, alleged insubordination caused by following direct orders of a immediate supervisor, alleged suspension by retaliation. (facts and findings behind all of these terminations allegedly involved the Florence Goodwill Store Manager, who allegedly told the Asst. Store Manager,  of her  intention to terminate the former employees because of her own personal intimidation and hatred that she held with the employee and/or employees.)


    Goodwill of Lower South Carolina President & CEO, Mr. Robert G. Smith was notified by the Asst. Mgr., via facebook e-mail regarding her suspension. Mr. Smith responded by sending a return email that reads , " I am not sure of all of the circumstances involving your situation. Goodwill does have a complaint resolution procedure and I encourage you to go that route. While I know you are upset, Goodwill is a great organization that does many positive things for those who are struggling to find their way through the power of work. I wish you well in your future endeavors."


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