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    Posted January 6, 2011 by
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    Modern Family: “Slow Down Your Neighbors”


    With the return of the Pritchett, Dunphy, and Pritchett-Tucker clans we finally have our laugh back on television. I’m so glad they are back because I really missed my weekly dose of Modern Family. Even if this first episode was not the greatest one, it has plenty to make me laugh.

    The episode started with a great surprise (at least for me) when we have a sexy stranger in Cam and Mitchell’s hot tub. This sexy stranger turns out to be their new neighbor, Barry (who was played by James Marsden), who apparently moved into the apartment next door and mistook the hot tub as a shared property. And of course, Cam and Mitchell are not complaining a lot after watching his amazing assets and they even ended up in the hot tub with him (who wouldn’t, right? Just kidding, because actually it was kind of creepy).

    Barry is amazingly charming and uses his magic healing method on Cam and later on with Mitchell to win them over. Then we have the typical couple’s battle of who is right after Cam criticizes Mitchell for being so judgmental with new people. But it fires back at Cam after he discovered that Barry was actually living inside Lily’s princess castle. Barry was homeless. When Cam goes to confront him in the castle, Barry goes nuts when Cam tries to touch him. Mitchell runs outside when he hears Cam screaming for 911 and runs for the phone. But he freezes and then pauses to make sure Cam knows he was right all along. One point for Mitchell; sorry Cam.

    Meanwhile, Claire is fighting the war at home against a speeder driver around their neighborhood. I know she is usually very passionate with what she wants and believes, but this time she is going really into extremes. She really is going nuts with this lunatic driver and Phil is on the horns of a dilemma when he realizes his new client is the neighborhood speed freak. He is trying to out-sell a competing salesman so he can be on first place, but at the same time trying to keep the sanity around his house. Everything complicates when Claire and Phil’s client, a.k.a. the lunatic driver, finally meet without knowing they are their own nemesis, and they even share a ride. Not good for Phil after seeing Claire’s face when she is inside the speedster death box with wheels.

    But the cherry on top of the night was the bike teaching lesson. Manny wants to fit in with the cool kids so he has decided to ride his bike to school. But there is a big problem: he has training wheels. Turns out neither Manny nor Gloria can ride a bike. Jay takes over to teach them and turns out that Manny is a natural. Gloria on the other hand not so much. So, after Jay’s lesson disaster, she seeks for someone gentle, womanly even, to teach her. And of course she turns to Phil. But when Phil’s not available, Luke steps up, and his super-soaker armed teaching methods are surprisingly effective winning him the title of the teacher of the year after terrorizing Gloria into riding the bike. Luke was definitely the performer of the week

    I have to admit I missed out Alex with her irony and the Hailey moment was too short. But hopefully this New Year will bring even more Modern Family laughs to the table in the form of Luke Dunphy moments. That boy is hilarious. That is what I love of this show, it typically takes ordinary situations and sprinkles in the unusual to bring us a new reality less dull and more hilarious so we can laugh at life.

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