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    Posted January 12, 2011 by
    Culver City, California
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    Green Hornet Catch the Buzz... Interview with the Cast!


    Green Hornet is an action packed comedy written by Seth Rogen & Evan Golldberg. A Columbia Picture's production, filmed by Michel Gondry, this IMAX 3D, REAL D 3D movie will blast into theatre's January 14th.


    Britt Reid (Seth Rogen ) is a playboy bachelor with no ambition, who likes to party his nights and days away. Reid is a disappointment to his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) who owns a Los Angeles newspaper, The Daily Sentinel. Reid's irresponsible bachelor lifestyle comes to a sudden halt when his father meets his untimely death.


    Reid teams up with his father's talented assistant, Kato (Jay Chou), to "do something with their lives."They decide to become masked men who fight crime by appearing to be criminals. No method to this madness? Their plan needs some brain power... enter Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz).


    Case, who is hired by Reid to be his secretary, unknowingly helps the two with their plans to take on the underworld. Case describes what a criminal, in this case the Green Hornet, would do next. The two take Case's  interpretation of the Green Hornet's next move and hit the streets of L.A.


    The leader of the underworld is Benjamin Chudnofsky (Academy Award winning best supporting actor Christoph Waltz.) He is insulted by the fear the other gang members are showing towards The Green Hornet. Chudnofsky reminds them who is to be feared most by setting out to destroy the Green Hornet, and in the meantime, blowing away those who do not fear him.


    Black Beauty is the 1964-66 Chrysler Imperial that Kato transforms into their Green Machine. Bullet proof, front end suicide doors, ejector seats, and weapons are just a few of Black Beauty's special features.


    Green Hornet will not likely be up for an Academy Award, but it will offer a little entertainment and a few good laughs.The movie has a "campy" feel. If you enjoy Seth Rogen's humor, then this movie is for you.


    This is Jay Chou's first American movie. Chou is well known in Asia for both his musical talents as well being an actor. I liked Chou's interpretation of Kato.


    Christoph Waltz does a great job playing a comedic villain, and it was nice to see Cameron Diaz as the brains behind the men.


    I think Green Hornet would have done just as well as a 2D movie, but 3D seems to be all the the rage.


    *Green Hornet originated as a 1930's radio program. He was a  comic book hero who was descended from the Lone Ranger (his great nephew.) He had no superpowers, but continued the lineage of wearing the mask. It was also a short lived T.V. series in the 60's. Bruce Lee played Kato.

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