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    Posted January 13, 2011 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Our Children Ourselves


    Mitchell and Cam run in to Tracy, Mitchell's girlfriend from high school.  Tracy acts cold to Mitchell after the initial hello's.  A few moments later, Mitchell see's Tracy with a redheaded boy about 8 yrs old or so.  Seems it's been about 8 yrs since Mitchell and Tracy were together so of course Mitchell wonders if the boy is his son.  Cam comes unglued after hearing about this possible son Mitchell has.  Then Cam changes his mind and accepts the possibility.  They both go to Tracy's house and confront her, she leads Mitchell on then he asks if he can meet the boy, his name is Bobby.  Bobby comes in to the room all redheaded but not quite 8 yrs old.  Bobby is a little person and is married to Tracy.  Pretty funny storyline.


    Gloria met a couple and wants to be friends but Jay doesn't.  He tells the couple, while at  a restaurant, that they should just part ways and that it's not worth the time to pretend to be friends when they are not.  Gloria then tells Jay that they are staying the night with them, their bags are already at their house.  Awkward moment!!  At the house, the couple want to leave but Gloria tells them she wants them to stay and makes up an excuse about how Jay is in the stages of losing his mind because he's old.   They ask Manny if it's hard to live with a man who's not really on his game, Manny, thinking they are asking him about Jay's golf game, comes up with some really funny answers.  Jay decides the next morning that he was wrong and wanted to apologize to the couple but Gloria doesn't want him anywhere near them because of what she told them.  Jay apologizes anyway, then takes a sip of orange juice and it dribbles down his shirt.  The couple "understands" when Jay say's "what's wrong with me".


    Claire and Phil want Alex to lighten up on her school work, she is stressing out trying to compete with the smartest kid in school, Sanjay.  After explaining how Sanjay's parents are a doctor and a professor, Alex says, oh well, I can't compete with him, all I can do is work with what I was given.  Claire and Phil take that as their not very smart.  So, instead of going to see the movie they wanted to see, a genetically altered movie, they saw the movie Sanjay's parents were going to see, they hated it, well, Claire fell asleep and Jay sneaked into the genetically altered movie.  Sanjay's father may be book smart, but he can't figure out how to punch his parking ticket for validation.


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