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    “Being Human”: Series Premiere


    A new series about vampires (and werewolves, and ghosts) has begun.  But this is not your typical vampire story full of lust and passion with a forbidden and dangerous love.  This is not like the movie “Twilight”, or the series “The Vampire Diaries” or “True Blood”, where some are too cheesy and girly, or to hardcore and bloody.  “Being Human” is more real (or what could pass as real) where everything is about trying to be normal. They are not human beings anymore but at least they are trying to be as human as possible.

    The idea here is that all the main characters are monsters that can actually coexist with each other, without that supernatural rivalry that always makes them mortal enemies.  They share their own nightmares and help each other with their afflictions of being monsters.  There are no epic battles that can only be resolved with the death of the other monster.  Here they are in the same boat, just different countries in the same continent trying to get along and live as normal as possible.

    “Being Human” is about a pair of male nurses named Josh and Aiden.  Josh is a werewolf, at least once a month.  He is a very unhappy person who sees his life as a curse, being the curse part to live watching painfully how everyone else is normal except him.  Aiden is a vampire (so, by default he is very attractive and a ladies’ man) that has the anguish of having to control the thirsty beast that lives inside him.  To start their quest to begin being normal, they decide to become roommates and rent an apartment.  But the third monster is revealed inside that apartment, where they find it is haunted by a ghost named Sally who died there in mysterious circumstances and can't move on to the afterlife.

    There are not a lot of TV shows about how a monster might want to be human. Usually, these kinds of monsters like to be special, somehow being disconnected to humanity makes them feel like something better and more powerful.  That is what separates “Being Human” with other shows, because these monsters just want to get back their humanity.  They even feel more connected to humanity than some of the real humans.

    At the end these three characters are all searching for the same thing, to know what makes us human beings. They are walking the wild side, the darkest part a living creature can live without losing themselves or giving up to it.  They haven’t lost their faith in humanity and they actually value the importance of being human.  But we don’t have to become monsters to actually understand what they are going thru, because at some point in our lives we can feel like lost souls just like them.  We search for our human part to feel and understand each other.  So, are we that different after all?

    “Being Human” did a great job with this first episode, making the characters believable so we can connect with them, and also leaving us with the intrigue of what is going to happen to our three monsters.  At the end of the episode they were presented with situations that will completely change their lives from that point forward, where their decisions will be vital for their future. This new drama guarantees to keep us hooked on SyFy channel every Monday at 9pm.



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