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    Posted January 18, 2011 by
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    Why Invest in the Iraqi Dinar ?


    Alot of people ask , why invest in the Iraqi Dinar ?

          In answer to that question I would have to say let’s examine a few things.
    Iraq is on a 7 year cycle and I would say that it is in the conclusion of that cycle.
    Up to this point, they have been under a dictatorship, been invaded,had numerous sanctions imposed upon them as well, not to mention the infighting that goes on within the country itself.

         That being said, Iraq is having their trade sanctions lifted, their debt is all but forgiven, and they are getting their governing body together so that they can become a successful economic power in the middle east. All things are pointing to this successful conclusion.

         In addition to this, Iraq is one of the few Arab countries that has its own water supply. They also have some of the richest oil reserves in the world.
    As we are writing this, oil wells are being placed, and contracts are being put into placed with these oil companies.
         And as anyone knows the Iraqi Dinar was at 3.28 to the dollar before the Iraq invasion.

          History also serves to tell us that as with Germany after the 2nd world war , the Deutsch mark , was worthless at that time.   After re-valuation ,many people made their fortunes by investing in the Deutsch mark.
    Granted it was a once in a lifetime situation, however, it is very possible and likely that history will repeat itself in the case of the re-valuation of the Iraqi Dinar.

          Iraqi people are a proud people and want to return to being an economic power in the middle east once more.
    It seems that the time is ripe as they are on the upward swing returning towards a more healthy , vibrant economy !
    How soon, thats hard to say although many say within the next few months, however, it does seem inevitable.

          In closing , where else can you invest say $180.00 at the minimum for 100,000.00 Iraqi Dinars. When the revaluation occurs , and say at the very least the Iraqi Dinar matches the dollar 1 to 1.
    That means that for a paltry investment of $180.00 you would reap $100,000.00 American. I would hate to lose out on such an opportunity, so I am waiting and watching with a certain quiet calm, excitement .

         For more info check out http://iraqidinarnetwork.com

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