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    “V” Series: “Laid Bare”


    Things are getting very interesting on “V”. Now we are discovering a few things about the Visitors (like the anatomy of a female Visitor and why they just don’t take over the planet by force). The episode started with a girl’s fight (or a girl versus a lizard), between Erica and her new partner, Agent Malik.  She learns the hard way that Malik is a Visitor, just right when her teeth are showing up getting ready to eat Erica, but our favorite FBI agent knocks her out against a tree.  The Fifth Column brings Malik to their headquarters (looking now like a little version of the Batcave with so many computers and experiments running in there) to skin out of her the answers about Anna’s plan.

    Lisa, the Visitor’s next queen in line, realizes that her body is beginning to change, getting her ready for reproduction.  Her skin is changing (maybe some kind of puberty thing in lizards) and Anna promises her to make her just like her, like a great queen for their race.  That scares Lisa because the last thing she wants to be is like her mother (something we can also find in teens here on Earth).

    In the meanwhile, the new scientist of the Fifth Column discovers what is wrong with Tyler (Erica’s son).  Evidently the Visitors experimented on Erica while she was pregnant and altered the baby’s DNA.  Tyler has missing whole strands of DNA, something very interesting and makes you realize how far he’s got without any symptoms or any strange sings.  Apparently Anna wants to fill those empty spaces of his DNA; but with what exactly?

    Inside the Mothership, Tyler is spilling the beans on anything about his mother to Anna.  After she finds out Agent Malik is missing she is determined to look everywhere to find any clues about the Fifth Column.  She, as manipulative as always, convinces Tyler that his mother needs his help because she doesn’t know she is in danger.  So, Tyler drops the name of our favorite priest, Jack.  Anna tells him that Jack might be connected to the Fifth Column and that something must be done about it.

    Ryan receives a message from Anna (and she is holding in her arms his daughter again) to deliver the names of the Fifth Column members who took Agent Malik.  He agrees to do her bidding in order to have his daughter back safely in his arms.  And what we wouldn’t do for the safety of our children? (Even if they are part lizard?)  So now Ryan is a double agent and we don’t know who exactly is he working for.  He goes back to the Fifth Column just in time to torture Malik.  He prevents them of the dangers a female Visitor has (like big sharp fangs and a long tail that could slice you into pieces).  He also tells them that skinning her would be the only reliable way to find out answer but with a price; she would be dead in no time.

    Ryan cuts Malik’s finger and infiltrate her apartment with Erica, searching for clues about her work for Anna here on the planet.  They find her secret stash where she hides some V Tech and secret files using her severed finger to open the hidden vault.  But soon they have to run away after some V trackers are following them and they improvised to blow up the apartment and erase their scent.

    Chad is back on the ship into Anna’s presence to do her a favor, to interview Father Jack.  Her intensions are to build him up, to make people hear him with his sermons against the Visitors; just to make him fall really hard with his own words and actions.  She sets him up with a fight inside his Church (orchestrated by Visitors of course) to make him look as if Jack actually was the violent one.  Just to discredit him and take off the value of his words.  Now people are not going to listen to him and a vendetta may be on the way against him.  He is now compromised as a possible member of the Fifth Column and now more than ever he needs to watch out his back.

    With the files they found on Malik’s place, they now know that the Visitors are abducting people.  By the looks of it, they are homeless people who can be wiped out of the map without anyone noticing their disappearance.  They follow the lead on a girl who ran away home from her mother, and when they found her, they see a shuttle taking all the abductees into the Mothership. What the Fifth Column doesn’t know is that they are part of the hundreds of thousands of test subjects require for Joshua's soul-extracting machine.

    At the end we saw how Tyler is bonding with Anna, like a mother and son relationship.  The same bonding that is happening between Erica and Lisa.  Something very interesting for the future to come and that will define how the war is going to be fought.  At this point we are uncertain of which side Ryan is playing for, Anna or the Fifth Column.  My guess is that probably he is with the Fifth Column, but to make things interesting we now need a traitor among them.  My bet is on Chad. 

    Regarding Anna and her mother?  The old queen is like Anna’s conscience, her Jiminy Cricket, telling her to watch out for her daughter’s betrayal (something I’m starting to believe is a Visitors’ thing or like a rite of passage to become a queen).  And it seems that the more the old queen wanted Anna to be like her, the more she was pushed away.  The same thing is happening with Lisa and even if Anna’s plan is to use her (and probably Tyler to recolonized the planet and preserve their race) Lisa’s betrayal is the essential weapon to end the war.  And why they don’t take the planet by force? Because they need us.

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