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    Posted January 20, 2011 by
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    American Idol: Season 10


    American Idol Season 10 just started!  For those who swear not to watch it anymore after Simon’s farewell, I have to say: Turn it on, Doug!  I believe it’s going to be a good season; new judges and a new vibe.  The panel cannot be cooler than this, especially after the fiasco of the last 2 seasons (ok, I’m not going to point my finger and say any names here).  The new judges for those who don’t know it yet (where were you last year?) are Steven Tyler (yes, the big lips guy from Aerosmith, you gotta love him) and J Lo (the actress, singer, and sexy latina).  They are a very cool twist in the judging panel and the vibe with Randy feels real this time.

    The first half hour was more about the judges than the contestants but it was worth it to watch.  With a Rock Legend and a Superstar, I think we will have a lot to enjoy as we watch the bad singers being mock at.  But the thing now is that with the coolness in the atmosphere, nothing sounded like an insult; even when Steve Tyler said to one of the contestants: “Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?”  I was going to die (but because I couldn’t stop laughing).

    I found Steve Tyler as a judge to be a very good one because with his humor and sarcasm, even his flirty moves, makes the show more fresh and organic.  He is definitely a great addition to the show (and I’m not saying that just because I’m a big fan, no).  He is a riot and someone cooler than him, cannot be found anywhere else.

    Then we have JLo, the new feminine touch of the show.  She had to struggle a lot when she had to deal with rejection.  She is like the new Paula but without the flapping arms like a seal (sorry about that).  I think that her stardom status made a lot of people very nervous but she was always sweet and it was nice to see her trying to compose herself after every bad singer she later on had to say no to.

    Randy was cool as always, but this time he has cool people with him to back him up.  He was more serious, something I welcome with open arms after last year. He is the only reminiscent we have left of the old American Idol (including Ryan, of course) and after this premiere I can actually say: Simon who?  Seriously, now American Idol is actually American idol (with no more rudeness and obnoxious comments, and no more fish and chips). 

    And about the contestants?  They are always the same; some crazy people, a lot of bad singers, and a few who are actually not that bad.  The ones I remember (but not their names, I’m not that good) are the girl with the Britney Spears infatuation (she was crazy, and awkward and at the same time so likable); she is really something to remember.  Then there was a guy who burps every time he was nervous (seriously I thought I was going to throw up all over my living room with that guy, so disgusting).  Then, a singing waitress who was actually really good but apparently needs to go shopping and a makeover. The Kosovo girl almost broke my heart with her story and her voice was really sweet.  The show’s first 15 year old girl was good; when I heard her I could actually imagine her voice on the radio.  And the last was definitely save for last because that twin boy really sang amazing, so fresh and smooth.

    So far, I believe American Idol is going to make it through season 10.  The judges are cool and the atmosphere feels vibrant and sincere.  No more nastiness (even if for some people that sells).  I have to admit that I loved it because the judges were having fun, with lots of energy and laughs. I didn’t realize how sick I was of Simon till tonight. I definitely will keep watching!

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