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    The Mafia is the New World Order


    The Mafia is the New World Order


    You heard about the big busts recently?  127 busted among the 5 families and another report about 14 Gambino Family members convicted.  You would think that organized crime is in trouble.  But who are these people taking the falls, are they really the Mafia of the new millennium?  Of course not!   The real Mafia is not obligated to a life of crime, but to the judgment day of the Lord.


    Like every ethnic group that had to do illegal things to gain investment capital, the so-called Mafia outgrew the thug life.  Now it is the Mexicans turn.  They are now a new generation of doctors, lawyers and investment managers.  Sure there is an army out there waiting to be called, who must survive by whatever means necessary, however they for the most part are under hypnosis, waiting for as key to snap them out of darkness and into light.  The real Mafia is a spiritual order.


    The real Mafia is threaded by the Spirit of God and is not a bunch of racketeers.  These guys committing crimes for a living entered a dormant center and are acting on their own.  The real Mafia is big corporate America and cannot be taken down unless new currency is created, because they are too deeply entrenched in the American economy.


    John J. Gotti was the last of the Dons and he was a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He setup the coming of the Lord and established the new money. The Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese, Bonanno and Colombo Families in reality replaced the Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell and Van Duyn families, as the Bloodline of Satan is in their last days.


    Is the FBI the hands of the Bloodline of Satan?  Is t he old money is making its last stand and is raising havoc?  These are signs that the coming of the Lord is very soon, as the old money is fishing for a leader of their overthrow.  There is no one leader, but there is a force, a spiritual force that will drive these people one day beyond their consciousness.  Many of them do not even no who they are as the spirit of God is like a virus and by making contact with one who possesses the spirit of the judgment you too may become one of them.


    My point is if 800 agents were called to arrest 127 thugs and the thugs are actually connected to God, then the 800 have become members of the Lord’s will, as they will move up the hierarchy of government and the Bloodline of Satan and eventually Satan himself will be touched.  Is this scary?  But God is Love?  The world will be in better hands in the aftermath. 




    PS:  I am just a mouthpiece and a servant who was born to suffer.  So be it!





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