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    Posted January 27, 2011 by
    Carbondale, Illinois
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    Budget Cuts


    I live in the wonderful state of Illinois.  A friend of mine, who owns a business, received a series of checks today from the state for interest on payments the state owes from 2009.  The checks were in separate envelopes.  He recieved 4 envelopes each with a check for less than the cost of postage.  One check was $0.05!  The total sum of all 4 checks was $1.37.  The cost for the state to send these was $1.72.

    So tell me, what is wrong with this picture?  Why do we have to pay attention to our own finances so closely, but the government cannot even make a good financial decision?  How many others did the state send checks to for interest payments that were less than the cost of postage.  This is a total waste of money!


    Why do we have to pay the state or feds on time or we get huge charges and the government can get away with being over a year late and have the idiotic sense to send pennies for what they owe and not expect to pay extra fees??


    This is outrageous!  This type of issue needs exposure.  I am sure he is not the only one who has recieved checks like this.


    I also never recieved my tax refund of $122 from Illinois.  This is MY money and they should have to pay the same wrongfull charges they charge us for not paying.


    Why do we have such idiots in power?  Why can't we cut the pay of the top people to save the jobs of those at the bottom?  The elected officials claim to be doing a public service, why don't they take a 5% cut in thier pay first?  They are supposed to want to serve the public, but we are serving them instead.  TIME FOR CHANGE IN ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!  It is time for the senators and representatives to take a pay cut.  They do not work that hard and if they truly are working to help us, then they should not make a career out of politics, because this is NOT what the founding fathers wanted.  We used to have scientists, teachers, farmers and average people in office, now all we have are greedy, selfish and wasteful people in power who do not even know how to balance the budget.  Can they balance their own budgets?  It is just common sense people.  Stop the stupid, childish, bickering and get off of your lazy asses and do something productive for the people for a change.


    Revolution is at hand if these fools cannot change for the better.  A peaceful revolt of the taxpayers to demand elected officials to do the right things needs to be done.  I predict this to occur within 10 years if changes are not made now.


    If everyone just refused to pay taxes for the stupid things the money is spent on, we would be able to force change in the thinking.


    A change in the thinking process of our political system is what we need.  Stop being so selfish and self absorbed.  We should NOT ALLOW politicians to make careers out of politics, set term limits and frce retirement of public officials who have been in elected positions for more than 12 years.  NO ONE deserves to serve in a public position for more than 12 years.  I don't care how good they THINK they are.  Give someone else the opportunity to make changes for the better.  No lawyers in politics, they are the ones who screwed things up.

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