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    Posted February 2, 2011 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Part Two


    Part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion aired Tuesday Feb. 1st on Bravo.


    While Kim and Kyle refused to talk about what really happened in the Limo, they both said they are "working on their relationship".  Kim refused to answer when asked if she was an alcoholic.  Kyle doesn't seem to realize that she has an extremely explosive personality and never offers an apology to anyone she has attacked. Although at the end of the show Kyle admits she regrets the issues she had with Camille, she doesn't offer an apology. Once a mean girl always a mean girl.


    Taylor tackles the issue of her marriage saying it's 80% bus, and 20% romance.  I see no romance in her marriage and I feel bad for her.  When Taylor speaks of her marriage you can see the stress in her face, trying to hold back the tears.  I can see she really loves her husband now, I hope he realizes what he has before it's too late.


    Adrienne and Paul admit to bickering often, Paul says it's one way to get it all out.  Their bickering to me is charming, like a brother and sister fighting over what TV show to watch.  Totally harmless.


    Lisa and Ken's once house guest Cedric finally left "the building" after an overstay of a year sponging off of their hospitality.  His hasty departure came after Ken asked him to pick his clothes up off the floor.  Seems Cedric went ballistic telling Ken he hates Lisa, he hates him and he hates their children.  The very next day Cedric called Lisa and Ken, he told them he was going to sell his story of living with them, Lisa wouldn't confirm anything like money/blackmail was going on but she did admit they filed a police report.  Nice people don't deserve bad things like this happening to them.


    Camille is so composed all the time, even when she is constantly being attacked, just watch her expressions and her mannerisms.  She is a lady, just like Adrienne.  I can't believe how much I hated her all this time, I now see that it was Kyle all along.


    I suppose there is a lesson to be learned from this Housewives series.  No matter how much money you have, no matter where you live, even in zip code 90210, problems will still exist.


    Thanks Bravo!!


    To see my re-cap of part one click here


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