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    Posted February 4, 2011 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Why Education is Like "Kryptonite" to the GOP Leadership


    Blue States pay more in Federal Income Taxes than do Red States. Blue States subsidize red states with money the red states use to pay for needed programs.


    Education levels are higher in Blue States. There are more college graduates in Blue States. This is why incomes are higher in blue states. Higher incomes pay higher taxes, as it should be. Progressives help "pay the way" of the red states.


    There are fewer divorces and teen pregnancies in Progressive states. Maybe because there are more state programs to educate teenagers about pregnancy than in red states.


    Property values are higher in blue states. Blue states vote Democrat. Red states vote republican. Why?

    Poorer, less educated people vote Republican. More educated, wealthier people vote Democratic. Does this make sense?


    Democrats in progressive states pay higher Federal Income taxes and complain less. You don't hear them talking about wealth re-distribution.

    When the Federal government gives more of Progressive's money to red states than do Republicans in Red States pay to the blue states, it's those in the red states that complain. Why?


    Republicans in red states complain more that they're money is subsidizing the programs for the poor, when the red state voters are themselves getting a subsidy from Democrats in progressive states.


    How's that for wealth re-distribution?


    Apparently, the dumber and poorer we are, the more likely we are to vote Republican. That’s a fact. Indisputable and irrefutable.


    Ok, I'm being deliberately provocative and I fully recognize that the country has many, many smart Republicans.


    The smart Republicans go into politics or business. They know how easily they can lead the rest that aren't as educated, down the garden path to "freedom from socialism".


    GOP leadership points to reasonable gun laws and says,"See, the Democrats want your guns! They want your taxes to be higher."


    "Democrats believe in Sharia Law", say Republicans like Glenn Beck. They're making the way for the Muslim Caliphate.


    "They don't want you to be able to worship in the way you choose." And the red state, less educated voters believe these lies and vote Republican.


    "Don't trust  the Democrats! Obama's a Muslim! He wasn't really born in America. Democrats are spending us into oblivion. It's their fault we have deficits because they want programs the country doesn't need like Social Security and Medicare."


    Educated people don't buy this reactionary rhetoric for a second. That's the difference.


    That's why Republicans don't want to fund education. The GOP needs dumb people because that's who votes for them.


    Also those that have an interest in having their business interests represented, the special interests, vote Republican. Guns and religion work for the GOP.


    Democrats don't want to take the people's guns or tell them how to pray. Democrats stand for rights for all people, all groups- not just Christians and white people.


    How many black and Hispanics belong to the Republican Party?


    Surprised that Michael Steele is no longer the face that represents the RNC? I'm not. Steele got the GOP the midterms- in spite of what some in the GOP said about his tactics.


    First, less educated Republicans should understand the difference between socialism and what we have for government.


    Understanding requires education and thinking- clearly something Republican's leadership doesn't support.


    But the figures don't lie - voters in blue states (2004 Presidential election) are on the whole smarter than voters in red states. So I pose the question at the end of this analysis: Why?


    The full report, from which I stripped this data:



    The result, as you will see below, is very telling. In states that voted for Kerry, the average percentage of college graduates is 30.177%.

    In states that voted for Bush, the average percentage of college graduates is 24.932%.


    But the differences between Red And Blue don't stop there.


    Many of our assumptions about the cultural divide between red and blue states are wrong.


    New research shows that more liberal states, like Massachusetts, tend to have the lowest rates of divorce and teen childbirth. What?


    In other words,  the most stable families, the homes with two parents to nurture their kids, are found in the  liberal strongholds along the East and West Coasts.


    Conversely, the higher rates of teen childbirth and divorce occur in the red states that conservatives so often celebrate as the heartland of family values.



    So who’s smarter, Democrats or Republicans?


    That’s quite the controversial question, of course.  According to a blogger at Watchblog.com, though, it seems that Democrats are more educated than Republicans.


    Or hey, let me rephrase that.  People in the “blue states” (states that typically vote Democratic) are collectively more educated than people in the “red states” (states that typically vote Republican).


    According to Watchblog.com:


    States that voted for Kerry in 2004 had 21 percent more college graduates than states that voted for Bush.

    The states that ranked the lowest for high school and college graduates were all red states.

    Eight out of 10 of the states that ranked the highest for high school college graduates were blue states.


    (The number one state, by far, is Colorado — technically a red state because it went for Bush by a small margin, but effectively a “purple” state because it’s become so politically mixed



    There are those, one supposes, who still think that Paul, and not John, was the better Beatle.


    For some unknown reason, many honestly believed that Bob Hope was funny. And rumor has it that some people actually enjoy anchovies on their pizza.


    While these quirks might be best summed up with the axiom, "There's no accounting for taste," preferences are often determined by intelligence, too.


    The majority of Americans chose wisely during the 2000 election, for example.

    Five out of nine Supreme Court Justices, on the other hand, made a really stupid mistake.



    There is persuasive evidence that in recent elections, the residents of states that receive more from the federal government than they pay in taxes voted for the anti-government party, while states that paid more to the federal government than they received voted for the pro-government party.


    Is this a case where everyone is voting against his or her economic self-interest?



    Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed


    States Receiving Most in Federal Spending Per Dollar of Federal Taxes Paid:

    1. D.C. ($6.17)
    2. North Dakota ($2.03)
    3. New Mexico ($1.89)
    4. Mississippi ($1.84)
    5. Alaska ($1.82)
    6. West Virginia ($1.74)
    7. Montana ($1.64)
    8. Alabama ($1.61)
    9. South Dakota ($1.59)
    10. Arkansas ($1.53)


    In contrast, of the 16 states that are "losers" -- receiving less in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes -- 69% are Blue States that voted for Al Gore in 2000.


    Indeed, 11 of the 14 (79%) of the states receiving the least federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid are Blue States. Here are the Top 10 states that supply feed for the federal trough (with Blue States highlighted in bold):


    States Receiving Least in Federal Spending Per Dollar of Federal Taxes Paid:

    1. New Jersey ($0.62)
    2. Connecticut ($0.64)
    3. New Hampshire ($0.68)
    4. Nevada ($0.73)
    5. Illinois ($0.77)
    6. Minnesota ($0.77)
    7. Colorado ($0.79)
    8. Massachusetts ($0.79)
    9. California ($0.81)
    10. New York ($0.81)

    Two states -- Florida and Oregon (coincidentally, the two closest states in the 2000 Presidential election) -- received $1.00 in federal spending for each $1.00 in federal taxes paid.



    The Red State Rip off



    Top Ten Conservative and Liberal States


    And the Most Conservative State in the Union is...


    Cheney should be happy.


    California State Treasurer Slams State Bankruptcies And Demands The Rest Of America "Thank California"


    California pays more to subsidize red states than it receives from the federal government



    And Now, Here's The First 11 State Pension Funds That Will Run Out Of Money

    Surprise! It's not the progressive states...



    Until we get better educated people in the red states, we're going to continue to have the same non-progressives and Conservatives voting in Republicans that will sabotage the hope of having a progressive country like what we Liberals and Progressives deserve.

    Ever seen the movie with Bill Murray called, "Ground Hog Day"? The GOP keep doing it over and over to get it right. Maybe they should educate themselves more as Bill Murray finally figured out. He learned from his mistakes.





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