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    Posted February 10, 2011 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Modern Family Bixby's Back Valentine


    Old love, new love, unwanted but flattering love.  That's what Modern Family was all about on this Wednesday's episode.


    Phil and Claire went out to dinner for a moderate Valentines Day celebration, Phil says they have had so many special V-Days that its really time to get over it.  But, the dinner was going all wrong and Claire decided it was time to bring back Clive and Julianna.  What fun they had bantering and flirting with each other,  up until they both ended up in the wrong hotel rooms.  Claire in bathrobe wondering where Phil was, Phil in bed naked but for a bottle of champagne and roses covering him.  Is it me or was that old lady who walked in the hotel room grinning at Phil?


    Jay planned for a chef to come to his and Gloria's house to cook a special meal for V-Day.  To get Gloria out of the house he took her to a fancy restaurant and gave the Host $50.00 to NOT seat them.   Thinking Gloria would get upset and cause a scene so they would leave, just the opposite happened, Gloria found their last name on the list and they got seated.  Then Cam  came up to the table and told them they took Mitchell's table and to leave now!!  Jay was thrilled, Gloria not so much.


    As soon as they arrive home, Gloria wants to get in her car and take a drive to cool off.  Jay hoists her on his shoulders and carries her inside to an empty house, no chef, no food.  Gloria walks outside and starts to open the garage door, Jay tries to stop her but she gets it opened.  The Chef and waiters are in the garage with a fancy table setting and meal.  Gloria gloats that she figured it all out and since she's smarter than Jay she fooled him.  She also bought Jay a motorcycle.


    Mitchell's employee Broderick has been doing things to make Cam think he has a crush on Mitchell.  Mitchell poo poo's the idea but we could tell he's a bit flattered.  Cam confronts Broderick who admits he does have a crush but it's on Cam.  Now Cam is flattered and when he tell's Mitchell, Mitchell tells him to go out and buy some China and move to Vermont...It's so funny to see these to actor's, they are so perfect the way they play off of each other.  Broderick ends up texting Mitchell  that he doesn't want to cause any trouble between him and Cam so he is resigning.


    Modern Family is back on track and is as funny as ever!!


    Be sure to watch on Wednesday nights on ABC.

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