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    Posted February 10, 2011 by
    Millbrook, Alabama
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    George Erick James


    My name is Tillis James.  I am the Mom of George Erick James, missing since November 23, 1998.  He was only 21 at the time of his disappearance.  His story is below.


    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance


    Missing Since: November 23, 1998 from Evergreen Exit on I65 Southbound,  Alabama


    Classification: Endangered Missing


    Date of Birth: October 17, 1976


    Age: 22 years old


    Height and Weight: 6'1, 170 pounds


    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, blue eyes. James may use the last name Conquest. His nickname is Ceasar. He has a lighthouse tattooed on his chest, a skull tattooed on the right side of his neck, the word "Brick" tattooed on his right arm, and the name "Robyn" tattooed on the underside of his right forearm.



    Details of Disappearance


    James was last seen in Montgomery, Alabama on November 23, 1998. His car was found broken down on Interstate 65 in Evergreen, Alabama that day. He was last seen using a payphone at the convenience store off 2nd Evergreen exit. James has never been heard from again. He was carrying somewhere between $6,000 and $14,000 on him when he disappeared.  He was given this money by Rodonna Stuckey, wife of Muir Stuckey.  This was apparently not legal money.  He was also having an affair with Rodonna.  We were told Muir wanted to teach everyone a lesson about messing with his money and wife.


    James may have been traveling to Florida or to Mobile, Alabama after his disappearance. . His case is unsolved. In the last 12 years, we have learned the circumstances of George's death. Although his killers "lawyered up", his body is still to be found. It is believed he is somewhere in the Elmore/Autauga area.


    My son, George James, had been in prison for 3 years and was released in June of 1998.


    He had been involved in 2 gangs prior to prison, the Crips and then the Bloods. He wound up in the prison infirmary because he wanted out of the gang, (Bloods) and they turned him over to a rival gang to beat him up. He survived and was "outed" from the gang.


    When he came out, June of 1999, he came to Millbrook, Alabama to live with me and his dad. He got a construction job in Elmore County and was doing very well. We tried our best to keep his old friends from coming around or calling, but he was 21 years old, and we only got so far. He began hanging out with Ian Kasper again (he and Ian were sent to prison at the same time for the same crime...they were by all accounts, best friends). Unbeknownst to me, he began seeing a married woman, Rodonna Stuckey (much older than George), who was at the time, married to Muir Stuckey (nicknamed MOO). MOO was and is a bookie and drug dealer. George was also dating 2 other girls his age. He didn't like our rules about who could come and go in our home so he moved out.


    He would come and go to see us, and I knew he was getting back into drugs. I tried to talk to him, but he would just hug me and tell me he'd be ok. He came to me one day in October and said he needed to find money to move to Mobile, Alabama. He wanted to get away from these people before he got back into real trouble. We didn't have that kind of money to give him, but he said he would find it.


    He continued to come and go at our house through November, 1998. My youngest son, Chris, Dad and I were preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner and getting things ready on November 23rd, 1998. George dropped by and said he had come to have dinner with us. He was setting the table, and Chris and I were getting stuff together in the kitchen. Out of the blue, George looked at me and said, "You don't love me. You've only got 4 boys, not 5". I wasn't thinking, and thought he was playing, so I said, "Ok...I've only got 4 boys" and laughed it off while continuing to get supper to the table. He whirled around on me and said, "What?? So i'm not your son? You've only got 4 boys! fine, I'm leaving and you'll never see me again!" I said, "Whoa son, slow down...I thought we were playing...I'm sorry..of course I'm your Mom, and proud to have 5 sons." He continued to rant while gathering his stuff. He went out the door on foot with me behind him saying, "George, please come back, don't do this honey....we were playing. I love you. Please don't go". I actually ran as far as I could after him, begging him to come back. It was the last time I ever saw my son. I know now that he had the money in his pocket to leave town and move to Mobile. I know that the married woman (Rodonna Stuckey) gave it to him ($14,000), and that he had come to say goodbye to me. I know now that it is easier to justify leaving someone you love if you are mad with them.


    With that $14,000, George was seen the day before he disappeared, buying a car, clothes and other items such as luggage. Those items were not located. He was with Ian Kasper, and Robyn Barber James, his ex-wife. His ex-wife is now in Polk City, Florida. She refuses to talk to us and tell us what happened the last day she was with our son.


    Not quite 2 weeks later, I filed a missing persons report with the Millbrook Police Department. They said their resources were limited, and suggested I take it to Montgomery Police Department since he had been seen once in those 2 weeks in Montgomery. I filed a report with MPD that day. 3 weeks later after many calls, they told me they had lost the report and I went and filed another one in January 1999.


    They now have it in cold cases (homicide) with Lt. Bowman.  The police say even with all of the circumstantial evidence, and with the boys (Ian Kasper and Josh Rameriz) that did it telling everyone that they did it, they can’t arrest or start an active homicide investigation until they have my son’s body.  His car was found by Captain Keith Barnette, along the 2nd Evergreen exit on I-65 headed south.  It had already been hauled away. Amazingly, the state trooper who found the car didn’t file a report about it, and the wrecker man has retired and all of his records are gone.  We know that my son was seen at the convenience store just off the interstate.  He had walked up to it after his car quit, and made a phone call from the pay phone.


    Muir Stuckey (called MooMoo), the man who has been said to have put the hit on my son, is a major drug dealer, older and with teens in and out at the oddest hours.  I’ve sat and watched it, but the police say they don’t see anything.  This man is a Swede and is a bookie, and my son was given some of that betting money by this man’s wife, Rodonna, with whom George had been having an affair.  MooMoo never reported the money stolen, and no one has ever asked him about it. 


    Connecting Josh Rameriz to Muir Stuckey is the fact that my son beat the hell out of Josh Ramirez who was beating up MooMoo’s daughter, Celia.  Josh eventually became close with MooMoo, and is one of the two that brags he killed my son. Josh, last year, was in prison for owning and running a meth lab.  Josh has an extensive record, however he was given only 1 year to serve for the meth lab, and only had to serve it at Frank Lee Youth Center.  Josh is 26-27 years old.  His mother is a deputy sheriff with Autauga County, the county where he was busted.


     A young man, named Jun Ho, came to us in January 1999 and told us Ian Kasper (the other boy) had shot and run over my son.  We took him and he made a statement to the police.  The police said he used drugs so they couldn’t take his report as any good.  Next thing we know the boy has been deported to Panama and is in a Panamanian prison and we can’t get to him. 


    We have had numerous young people tell us that Josh Rameriz bragged at a party some years back about killing George.  Muir Stuckey’s daughter, Cecilia, has told people that "her dad" said that my son’s body would never be found.  We do know that Mr. Stuckey lives in a nice house in Forrest Hills, has 2 (or more) cars, etc, but nothing is in his name.  Also, he has a home in Tallassee. We know many kids that tell us he deals meth, coke and marijuana out of his home to teens and young adults.


    We’ve been on the Montel show with Sylvia Brown, contact many other psychics from the Psychic Detectives show on television, have been on searches in Elmore, Conecuh, Butler, and Montgomery counties.  We have passed out 10s of thousands of fliers, and searched weekends for 10 years now, and have been lucky to have Channel 10 in Mobile, Channel 12, and the Montgomery Advertiser, plus County Law. 


    Some years ago, Det. Naquin was assigned to our son’s case. The first interaction we had with him was not good. We were told that my son’s body may be at Blackwell’s Fish Camp in Wetumpka. We called Sheriff Franklin and he offered to have a detective meet us there and see what we could find. We obtained permission from the owner of the fish camp, Mr. Miles, to search the property. Not long after, Det. Naquin showed up. His first words to anyone were to the landowner. He said, "I know this is probably bullshit, but we have to check it out". He then proceeded to tell me and my husband to go wait in our car. I told him we were going to help with the search. He turned to us and said, "You can go wait in your car, or I’ll take my boys home and we won’t ever search for your son again." I replied, "Go home, it is not your jurisdiction anyway." I later found that he lives directly across the street from the fish camp. We continued with the search. We were not allowed to do much, since Det. Naquin stopped to have a word with Mr. Miles. We were also not allowed to search the park area behind the fish camp, and were told Naquin would do it himself the next morning, and we were told he didn’t know what time he would get to it. We requested he be immediately removed from our son’s case. Sgt. Byrd has been working to help us, along with Captain Barnette.


    We know who killed him.  We know he is dead.  My sons and I were close. Some years before we met their adoptive dad (my husband) we lived in a car. We have seen some very rough times. My son would have contacted one of us were he alive. We have been told the same story, no variations in the story from countless people who were around at that time.  Every time I catch up to Ian, asking through the kid’s grapevine, he is always gone one day before we get to him.  Ian Kasper, the friend of George’s referred to earlier, threatened George and our family many times before and after Ian got out of prison.   Both Josh and Ian are close to Muir (MooMoo) Stuckey.


    It has now been almost 13 years.  My grandson, Derek (George's son) wants to know what happened to his Dad.  We want to know what happened to our son.  His 4 brothers want to know what happened.  Every day we work on my son's disappearance.  Every day is like yesterday...he went missing yesterday, and today we search.  Every day my heart bleeds for want of him.  Every day I pray that today will be the day.  Every day I miss his laugh, his hugs, his I love you...every single day.

    Please, will you help me find my son?  You can find more info on him at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/georgeconquestjames 

    Thank you kindly for your consideration

    Tillis and John James

    Mom and Dad to **George**, Lee, Len, Charlie and Christopher -

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