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    Glen Beck: Delusional, Suicidal and Accomplished


    Glen Beck: Delusional, Suicidal and Accomplished

    He's not a middle of the road kind of guy, nobody that gains deep  admiration and intense distain from the public at the same time ever  is. Still, gaining notoriety isn't something that's either good or  bad; it can also be both as well.


    Born in Everett Washington on  February 10th, 1964 he grew up as a devout Roman Catholic seemingly  always looking for the great answers to life, especially his own.


    For supporters, he's a man who  tells it like it is, pulls no punches, and is a great defender of the  traditional American way -- whatever that is -- and a well  accomplished public figure.


    For critics, he's an off the  chart radical, a sensationalist, promotes a vast array of conspiracy  theories and seems extraordinarily delusional at times, all to be  viewed on his Fox News channel show.


    Early in life he suffered the  loss of his mother to drowning, but Coast Guard investigators later  concluded she had committed suicide. Beck himself described his  mother a suicidal.


    He also has personally  suffered from alcohol and drug addiction for around 15 years claiming  he got high every day during that period in the 80's and 90's.  Additionally, he has watched one of his daughters suffer from strokes  and cerebral palsy since an early age and a divorce that split his  first marriage.


    Beck has spent a lifetime  seeking out the spiritual meaning of life; if he's found what he's  looking for no one can really tell. In 1994 Beck turned suicidal  saying he imagined taking his own life with a gun in the same manner  Kurt Cobain did while listening to the music of Nirvana.


    After treating himself with  the help of AA he remarried in 1999 to his second wife Tania and soon  became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


    Beck has been diagnosed with  Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and recently with macular  dystrophy.


    If nothing else, Glen Back has  seen a series of great and intense challenges come his way,  challenges that could very easily overwhelm the average person. Yet,  has overcome and become successful all the same.


    Mr.  Beck certainly is a divisive persona on the American landscape, not  well adapted at bringing people together, can be almost frightening  in his view of things and at the very least an alarmist of sorts.  From his life story, one can easily understand where he gets his  sometimes over the top personality.


    However,  when considering all the things he's had to face and overcome, how he  was brought up, and the goals he seemed to follow for his own life,  one has to grant the man a degree of respect that few are worthy of.


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