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    New York, New York

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    Ken Wins Back Barbie And True Love Prevails


    Fresh off the plane from the Grammys  I was greeted with proof that true love conquers all!


    Even though they had a bit of falling out in "Toy Story", Ken never gave up hope and never stopped trying to win back the heart of his one true love!


    Today in Time Square, Ken extolled his undying love for his "perfectly plastic" lady and NYC was witness to two hearts beating once again as one.


    Rumor is Barbie made him work for her forgiveness, but Ken was up for the challenge and everything is once again as should be.


    What's next for the happy couple?   Both were rather quiet and introspective but I am sure we will be hearing much from the iconic couple.


    A big BRAVO and Happy Valentine's Day!


    Note to Barbie:  Do you have any single friends for THIS lonely heart?

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