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    "New" Planet 'Tyche'? Or DISCLOSURE on Nibiru?


    What happens when you mix a brown dwarf discovery in our solar system with another famous brown dwarf called Nibiru? A perfect storm for theorists! What do you think?



    Some  scientists think a brown dwarf or gas giant bigger than Jupiter could  be at the outer reaches of the solar system.
    February 15th, 2011
    09:03 AM ET

    You know how you sometimes can sense that something  is present even though you can't see it? Well, astronomers are getting  that feeling about a giant, hidden object in space.

    And when we say giant, we mean GIANT.

    Evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is lurking at the outermost reaches of our solar system,  far beyond Pluto. The theoretical object, dubbed Tyche, is estimated to  be four times the size of Jupiter and 15,000 times farther from the  sun than Earth, according to a story in the British paper The  Independent.

    Astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel  Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette think data from  NASA's infrared space telescope WISE will confirm Tyche's existence and  location within two years.

    The presence of such a massive object in the solar system's far-flung Oort Cloud could explain a barrage of comets from an unexpected direction, according to a December article at Space.com.

    Its 27 million-year orbit could also explain a pattern of mass extinctions on Earth, scientists say.

    Brown dwarfs are cold "failed" stars; their dimness and lack of heat radiation can make them hard to detect. Gas giants are huge planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune that are made up of gases and may lack a solid surface like Earth's.

    Whitmire told The Independent that Tyche will probably be composed of  hydrogen and helium and have colorful spots, bands and clouds like  Jupiter.

    "You'd also expect it to have moons," he said. "All the outer planets have them."

    Tyche was first hypothesized in 1984 as Nemesis, a dark companion  star to the sun. It's been the subject of astronomical research and  debate ever since. In July, another Space.com article said the celestial  evidence suggests Tyche could not possibly exist.

    To distinguish it from the Nemesis star theory, Matese and Whitmire  are calling their object Tyche, after the good sister of the goddess  Nemesis in Greek mythology.

    Their research is published in Icarus, the International Journal of Solar System Studies.



    From WIKIPEDIA regarding Nibiru:


    To the Babylonians, according to Sitchin, Nibiru was the celestial body or region sometimes associated with the god Marduk. The word is Akkadian and the meaning is uncertain. Because of this, Sitchin claimed, the  planet Nibiru is sometimes also referred to as Marduk. Sitchin  hypothesized it as a planet in a highly elliptic orbit around the Sun, with a perihelion passage some 3,600 years ago and assumed orbital period of about 3,750 years; he also claimed it was the home of a technologically advanced human-like alien race, the Anunnaki,  who apparently visited Earth in search of gold. These beings eventually  created humanity by genetically crossing themselves with extant  primates, and thus became the first gods.

    Beginning in 1995, websites such as ZetaTalk have claimed that Nibiru or "Planet X" is a brown dwarf currently within our planetary system, soon to pass relatively close to Earth. Sitchin disagreed with the timing of passage.[4]



    "Is this a disclosure about Nibiru or actually a psy-ops, to verify how  many people are familiar with the subject of a new planet or dwarf star  lurking in our system?"

    -Anonymous Conspiracy theorist



    Nemesis / Niburu renamed Tyche – Evidence points to brown dwarf orbiting Sun

    February 15, 2011

    An old theory has re-appeared due to new evidence that it might  actually exist.   Years ago (and till today) some scientists have stated  that regular mass extinctions are due to a far sun orbiting brown dwarf  that regularly sends fast moving objects such as comets at Earth every  26 million years or so.

    This object over the years has been called Niburu then Nemesis and now it’s being called Tyche.

    It’s all the same theory that has circulated since the Babylonian’s  named it Niburu.   This object has been blamed for nearly all mass  extinctions on earth that have been fairly regularly appeared every  26,000,000 years.  Until now proof has either been non-existent or  proven false.   This might or might not be another case of it,  but  evidence is mounting on the side that states it does exist.

    We have been told that NASA’s infrared space telescope WISE will confirm Tyche’s existence and location within two years.

    A just published article on CNN is stating that mounting evidence is pointing to a brown dwarf  roughly 4 times the size of Jupiter is in fact orbiting our sun at a  distance of roughly 15,000 times further than Earth is from the sun or  better understood as about a quarter light year away (about 3 light  months away).

    This object would be much closer than any other star. The nearest  currently known is the red dwarf Proxima Centauri about 4.2 light-years  away.

    (image in this article is of  Proxima Centauri, the best “near by”  example of what it would be like, though Brown Dwarfs are much dimmer  than red dwarfs)



    For ease of understanding,  picture a brown dwarf as a very large  planet.   It’s not massive enough to be considered a star but IS massive  enough to start generating it’s own heat.

    If discovered,  it’s even questionable if the brown dwarf would be  considered as part of the solar system though it would be unquestionable  that it would affect our solar system.

    Enjoy the new reality!

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