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    Birth of a Real Life Death Panel - Bioethical Brainwashing Bushwhacks the Unwary


    Robert D. Finney, Ph.D.   

       Jacquelyn Finney, MPA                        

    Birth of a Real Life Death Panel©

    Bioethical Brainwashing Bushwhacks the Unwary

    First in a Series

    Kaiser Permanente’s Bioethics Committee programs unwary patients to believe that their personal “values” require their duty to die. Kaiser’s bioethical brainwashing scheme tricks patients into rejecting life-sustaining treatment in their advance medical care directives. Kaiser is President Obama’s model for government-run health care.

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, President Obama’s bioethics overseer, invented Kaiser’s “values-based” DEATH PANEL over twenty years ago. His “illness scenarios” model instructs patients to “imagine themselves incompetent with a poor prognosis.” Dr. Emanuel found that 70% of these patients reject life-sustaining treatment after a 15-minute end of life counseling session with their doctor.

    Dr. Emanuel’s strategy is rooted in Herman Kahn’s “mind experiments.” Kahn invented “scenario planning” during the Cold War to predict nuclear war deaths. Kahn coined the term “megadeath.” Kahn is considered a role model for ”Dr. Strangelove.”


    Health Fraud Analytics™ investigators discovered how a real life death panel worked at Kaiser Permanente by attending an end of life counseling class. Kaiser’s death panel used a bait and

    switch scam.

    The Bait:

    Kaiser’s Bioethics Committee brochure lured unwary patients into a lethal trap. The Committee reassured patients that “bioethics means applying general moral principles to medicine and health care.” The Committee advertised that this medical morality class explained what a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care is and why patients need to have it. Patients tend to trust doctors and nurses, who present themselves as morality experts. (Attachment 1)

    The Switch:

    Kaiser’s advertisement concealed that the real purpose of this class was to use “scenarios” to program patients to “value” their duty to die, when they are in a “state” in which life is “intolerable.” After patients were programmed to believe that they “value” the duty to die, they were instructed to document their coerced rejection of life-sustaining treatment in their

    Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (DPAHC).

    The Scam:

    Kaiser’s Bioethics Committee Chairperson distributed two forms based on Dr. Emanuel’s hypothetical “illness scenarios.” These forms used trick questions to coerce patients to reject life-sustaining treatment “choices,” when they reach “intolerable” life “states.”



    (Attachment 2)

    HMO propaganda programmed patients to reject life by an emotional assault on their personal “values.” When patients are emotional, they are not rational. Overly simplistic “scenarios” steer emotional patients toward rejecting life by intentionally eliminating life-sustaining alternative “scenarios.”

    At this class, Kaiser’s Bioethics Committee Chairperson distributed a biased “VALUES ASSESSMENT SURVEY” form to patients. The HMO’s survey programed patients to reject treatment and life support through a series of negatively-biased questions regarding their health “values.”

    Kaiser’s VALUES ASSESSMENT SURVEY set forth “intolerable” end of life “states,” which program patients to reject life-sustaining treatment “choices.” For example, if patients “value” the “states” of self-reliance and controlled pain, they could not “tolerate” the “states” of uncontrolled pain and being a “burden” to their family.

    Following are actual questions in Kaiser’s VALUES ASSESSMENT SURVEY:

    “On a scale of 1-5, how tolerable would each of these states be to you? WHICH ARE THE 3

    WORST SITUATIONS. (1 = tolerable, 5 = intolerable)”

    ·   “Being in pain. You are in severe bodily pain that cannot be totally controlled…”

    ·   “Being paralyzed. You are unable to walk, but can move around in a wheelchair…”

    ·   “Being financially dependent. You require frequent nursing or medical care that is not covered by insurance, Medicare, or your own savings and is being paid for by your family.”

    ·   “Being a financial burden. You require medical care that is very expensive and is being paid for by your family. The cost is a large amount of your family’s income and is making it hard for them to do the things they want to do…”

    Patients would likely find that life in these “states” is “tolerable,” if they were provided with effective pain control, disability assistance, and financial consideration. Most families would never dream their loved ones to be burdens. Stephen Hawking, Christopher Reeve, Dick Cheney, and Max Cleland valued life. No American should be programmed to accept the duty to die for the benefit of society (aka “the polity,”), which Dr. Emanuel recommends.

    Kaiser Permanente performed hip replacement surgery on President Obama’s grandmother weeks before her death at the age of 86. She “valued” her life. Although she suffered from terminal cancer, she chose treatment to try to improve her life. Kaiser paid for grandma’s surgery, because the HMO “valued” her grandson’s probable election as President of the United States two days later.

    Kaiser’s “MY CHOICES OF TREATMENT” Scenarios Form

    (Attachment 3)

    After patients were indoctrinated to adopt “values” that their lives are meaningless, hopeless, and burdensome to their families, Kaiser’s Bioethics Chairperson distributed its “MY CHOICES OF TREATMENT” scenarios form.

    This form asks if patients “value” life-sustaining treatment to exist in hypothetical “states” that are “intolerable.” Each “state” is devoid of optimism, hope, and well-being. Dr. Emanuel estimated that 70% of patients reject life-sustaining treatment “choices” as defined by such hopeless “scenarios.

    Following are actual questions in Kaiser’s “MY CHOICES OF TREATMENT” Scenarios form:

    “If you have a terminal condition from which you will probably not recover or survive and your death will likely occur within weeks…”

            “If you were in an irreversible coma, or vegetative state, or other condition, and that doctors determine there is no reasonable possibility that you will be awake or that you will be able to make decisions…”

    Q. “Would you want life prolonging procedures not to be started or, if started

      to be stopped?”            yes____ no____

    Q. “Would you want artificially administered food and water, such as a tube or

      intravenous feedings, not to be started, or if started to be stopped?” Yes__ No __


    Q. “If your heart or breathing stopped, would you want your doctor to try to restart

          it through CPR (heart lung resuscitation) or other means?” yes____ no____





    Kaiser’s questions fail to mention the term “informed consent,” without which “values” and “treatment choices” are ripe for exploitation. In addition, Kaiser’s questions are posed as negatives. The wording of these questions creates a bias intended to cause patients to reject life-sustaining treatment.

    MY CHOICES OF TREATMENT” form permits Kaiser Permanente doctors to pull the plug on brainwashed patients who declared and documented their duty to die.

    Kaiser Permanente implemented Dr. Emanuel’s “values.” Dr. Emanuel advocates that medical care should not be “guaranteed” to people who can never be or become “participating citizens” for the benefit of “the polity.” Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (gunshot to her head), President Roosevelt (polio), President Reagan (Alzheimer’s), and Helen Keller (blind and deaf) would not be treated.

    Kaiser’s “Advance Directives Instruction” Form

    (Attachment 4)

    After patients were programmed to reject life-sustaining treatment, Kaiser’s Bioethics Chairperson distributed Kaiser’s Advance Directive instruction form and the California Medical Association’s Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care form. (Attachment 5)

    Kaiser’s instruction form carefully programmed patients how to complete their Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care legal directive in accordance with their previously completed Values Assessment and their Choices of Treatment forms. Kaiser’s form urged patients to “take the time to think about their “values” and to further consult the HMO’s Health Education Department.

    Kaiser’s instruction form did not address financial incentives paid to doctors and employees who reduce treatment costs. Kaiser doctors’ and employees’ interests conflict with patients’ interests. In fact, the HMO and its medical group calculated that they “averaged a 45% decrease in costs,” when patients reject life-sustaining treatment.


    The Medical Association’s Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care stated that patients are not required to express their “values” and “choices of treatment.” This document provides patients the autonomy to make their own choices free of conflict of interest and coercion. Patients are warned to consult a lawyer, not a doctor/bioethics committee, to explain anything that they do not understand.


    Kaiser’s Advance Directive instruction form attempted to rig the Medical Association’s Power of Attorney legal directive by imposing duty to die “values,” upon patients’ decision-making process. Otherwise, Kaiser cannot assure that 70% of its “counseled” patients reject life-sustaining treatment. Death panels ration medical care. Death Panels cause sick patients to die quickly and cheaply.


    Dr. Emanuel and his wife, Dr. Linda Emanuel, conceived and delivered Rosemary’s Death Panel baby. Kaiser Permanente adopted and nurtured the newborn evil creature.

    President Obama was captivated by this sinister child. He sent it to government bureaucracy finishing school for modernization and cloning. Then, President Obama mandated that all Americans must pay lifetime child support.

    *         *         *

    Part 1 of this series substantiates the creation and testing of death panel theory and methodology on unwary patients over two decades. (1980s-2000)

    Part 2 of this series substantiates 21st century refinement of death panel theory/methodology and its insinuation into federal and state law.

    Part 2: “ObamaCare: the Modernization and Cloning of a Real Life Death Panel,” will be posted on healthfraudanalytics.com.











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