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    Posted February 22, 2011 by
    Fullerton, California
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    The Bachelor Hometown Dates


    Brad took each of the remaining four bachelorettes to their hometowns to meet their families.


    Chantel, who Brad says is an emotional roller-coaster, went home to Seattle, WA.  Brad met her cats and her dog, he must get along with them or he's out the door.  Brad loved Seattle and got along well with her family.  Chantel seemed much more confident being in her own surroundings and away from the competition.  Brad and Chantel's father had a lot in common.  Brad said he could see a future with Chantel.  They hugged when Brad left.


    Ashley took Brad to Madawaska, Maine, a very small town which Brad said he could live in.  Brad says he and Ashley are in a "good place" but need to get to a "great place".  They both promised to stop constantly reassuring each other.  Ashley's family all liked Brad but her father reminded him that she has goals to be a dentist and her schooling is almost finished.  Ashley's brother asked her if Brad asked her to marry him today, would she say yes, she said she still needs to learn more about him.   I think it's a little late for that.  Brad is concerned that he might hold her back from her goals.  He says he can see himself with her.  They hugged when he left.


    Shawntel took Brad to her hometown of Chino, CA.  This ended up being a date to die for.  Shawntel is a funeral director at the family funeral home.  She takes him directly to the funeral home and shows him things no one really wants to see.  Then she takes him into the embalming room, talks him into laying on the table then step by step shows him everything involved in embalming a person.  Brad looked uncomfortable and uninterested. He said a life with Shawntel would mean talking about death every day.  Then he goes on to say he respects her dedication and knowledge.  Meeting the family went well, except when Shawntel told her father that if Brad proposed to her, she would not be taking over the family business (funeral home) and that she would move to Texas with Brad.  Her father was not happy about that but gave Brad his blessings.  Brad said he could see himself with Shawntel's family. Brad and Shawntel hugged when he left.


    Emily took Brad to Charlotte, NC.  Brad meets Emily's five yr. old daughter Ricci.  Ricci is very shy and won't even look at Brad.  When Brad gives Ricci a butterfly kite, Ricci lights up, they all have a nice day at the park flying the kite.  At Emily's house they play games and look like a happy family.  Brad tucks Ricci in bed then Emily and Brad walk down the  stairs and into the living room.  Sitting on the couch, Emily want's brad to kiss her but Brad is afraid Ricci might come down the stairs and see them.  When Brad leaves, he and Emily kiss passionately in the doorway.


    Shawntel was left standing without a rose.


    Emily is the only woman he kissed as he was leaving.


    Brad said he could "see himself" with each woman except he didn't say that when he was with Emily.


    Brad said he "could live here" to every city except Emily's.


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    "GO EMILY"

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