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    Vancouver, British Columbia

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    EXCLUSIVE SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW with Randy Quaid and his lawyers


    Last we heard from Randy and Evi Quaid, Randy had made a refugee claim and Evi was determined to gain Canadian citizenship through her father's Canadian citizenship status.


    Since then, everyone has been left wondering...


    Can Randy (and wife Evi) stay in Canada? Does Randy feel safe in Canada? If he can stay, what are his plans here? Can he work there?


    On Wednesday in Vancouver Canada, Randy Quaid announced in a press conference with his lawyers that they are now officially able to stay in Canada as the inadmissable proceedings that sought to prevent them from making a residence in Canada were officially dropped on February 16, 2011. As for why they were dropped, one of Quaid’s lawyers, John Shewfelt, has decided to “draw the logical connection between the absence of evidence and the withdrawal of the proceeding.”


    After the press conference, I was granted an exclusive and very candid sit-down interview with Randy and Evi Quaid  -- at the offices of their lawyer Catherine Sas.


    Media was not allowed to ask questions during the general press conference.


    No other members of the press were granted an interview.


    During the press conference, it was also announced that

    Evi Quaid has been granted her Canadian citizenship, having received her citizenship card in record time, on February 10, 2011. This makes it possible for Evi to now sponsor her husband, Randy, to stay in Canada.


    During Randy's official statement to press, he said "we are here to say thank you to Canada." With the burden of the proceedings lifted, Randy was also able to recieve Canadian Film Critic's award on Wednesday, which he had originally planned to collect before proceedings began against him in October 2010.




    During my exclusive private interview at Catherine's office, I learned that the couple is excited about these latest developments. However, I wanted to know more...


    I inquired more about why the proceedings were dropped as well as the status of any remaining charges or claims, such as Randy's refugee claim. I also asked about out how Evi feels as an official Canadian, and what the couple's current plans are as they settle into life in Canada. I even found out which Canadian hockey team Randy's cheering for and tested him on his Canadian vocab!


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