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    Posted February 27, 2011 by
    Clearwater, Florida

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    The 4th Dimension...Perception with Spectrum Specific Illumination


    Hologram images project from photo inscribed stones (petro photoglyphs) discovered in 1994.  Streams of photo images viewed under specific levels of spectrum illumination result in the projection of detailed video images.


    The hologram projections from petro photoglyphs are viewed within the realm of 'The 4th DImension'.  Wikipedia defines the 4th dimension as:


    "Algebraically it is generated by applying the rules of vectors and coordinate geometry to a space with four dimensions."


    Certain photo inscribed artifacts provide perception in 4 dimensions...length, width, depth and  'under the visual sphere of selective spectrum illumination.


    Recently...the process method developed to record hologram projections from petro photoglyphs was applied to a photo of a sacred photo inscribed artifact discovered in 1531:


    The Virgin of Guadalupe:



    An image of The Virgin of Guadalupe copied from WIkipeda and subjected to selective spectrum illumination providing absolute of 'Perception in the 4th Dimension'.


    Photo detailed hologram inscription technology in both stone and cloth is well beyond current caqpabilities and further provides an insight into the Unknown Artisan of these 4-Dimensional Artifacts.


    The only Petro Photoglyph Research on Earth:...Viewed within the Realm of the 4th Dimension:





    'The Oldest Photos Known Would Have Been Scribed In Stone'

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