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    Buying Our U.S. Supreme Court- "Koch Money",Clarence Thomas, James Bopp, and Citizen United


    Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, has claimed that his ruling on Citizens United was unaffected by his attendance to the Koch training seminars.

    Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas's  decisions were just "Right" for the Koch Industries and GOP radical political activist and  lawyer whose "ten year plan was to take down election laws and disclosure of wealthy donors"... James Bopp.

    We had a 10-year plan to take all this down. If we do it right, I think we can pretty well dismantle the entire regulatory regime that is called campaign finance law. Citizens United did just that." {Bopp}

    When U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas recently was asked about his attendance at one of the Koch "events", he said he just dropped by.


    Dropped by?

    His tax return showed he'd been reimbursed for four days at this event.

    Thomas denies this event influenced his decision on the Citizens United case which favorably benefited Koch Industries and determined the outcome of the Midterm American elections.



    Mounting Evidence demands an explanation- Common Cause



    Who presented the case before Thomas and the "Conservative " leaning Supreme Court? James Bopp.


    Thomas also filed amended tax returns when it was pointed out that he hadn't claimed wife, Ginni's $600,000 fees from Koch Brothers' Conservative think tank, Heritage Foundation.




    James Bopp is the GOP's "hit man" on election laws.

    Bopp is "THE " GOP's attorney and a  brilliant Republican strategist that makes sure corporate America can contribute unlimitedly to Republicans without disclosing the source because of Citizens United.

    This was Bopp's plan from years before, finally accomplished with Koch money and support. Thomas and his wife Ginni helped.


    James Bopp has "managed the election  laws" with the Citizen United ruling which allows corporations like Koch Industries to contribute in secret as much money as they need to take control of the United States Government.


    The Man Behind our Secret Elections: James Bopp Jr.

    New Report Examines Radical Activist and His Drive to Dismantle Election Laws


    We have been awfully successful 2010 (midterms) and we are not done yet.”-- James Bopp,


    The Quotable James Bopp- Bopp bops the Democrats

    Campaign-finance reform, I consider mainly a slogan. I believe that this court, if pushed, would be willing to dump all campaign-finance regulations.” [Gannett News Service June 28, 2007]

    “I'm a guy that specializes in loopholes.” [New York Sun, May 9, 2008]


    Groups have to be relieved of reporting their donors if lifting the prohibition on their political speech is going to have any meaning.'” [New York Times, January
    25, 2010]

    The problem is having to file a report at all.To be regulated at all. To be accountable to the government at all."


    Report by Common Cause- Keeping Elections Clean

    James Bopp's involvement with undermining the election process over the last ten years



    Clarence Thomas




    The wife of Justice Clarence Thomas is a Tea Party activist and makes big bucks from the Koch funded, Heritage Foundation







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