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    New Orleans, Louisiana
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    Morning After Bourbon St


    The party to celebrate "Fat Tuesday" and Mardi Gras got underway in Second Life at the world famous Bourbon St. in New Orleans City before it was even scheduled to start at 6 p.m. (Second Life Time)


    "Fat Tuesday" is the party before Lent, and this is traditionally the time for eating Creole-style jambalaya and King Cake among other rich, fatty foods.


    Then after dinner and drink, it's time to hit the Mardi Gras festival and let go. In the United States, there is no other place to be than Bourbon Street.


    But they don't call this "The City that Care Forgot" for nothing. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Mardi Gras season in New Orleans also took a hit. But in Second Life the party went on uninterrupted after the sim became New Orleans City in Second Life in 2008, and today it goes on and on, and on.


    Now the New Orleans City sim land owners, say there is no need to even wait once a year. In Second Life, every night can be another "Fat Tuesday" and Mardi Gras celebration.


    On Krewe


    The owners of the New Orleans City sim are known here as the City Council and together they stood court to greet their guests and pass out favors.


    Mayor Sandrine Vanbeeck heads the city council while co-council members Joawny Trebuchet and Amanda Dallin represent the Mayor's Office. Together with DJ Trinity Claymore, they formed "the Krewe" to oversee all of the festivities.


    By the time the party started the Boeuf Gras, the symbolic bull, had long been paraded before New Orleans celebrants, and the krewe was greeting festival goers and making sure the rowdiness didn't peak too early.


    Joawny Trebuchet, from the Mayor's Office, struck strange pose of non-confidence in his pirate suit of Captain's rank and his multicolored joker hat with assorted bells dangling from all sides of his head.


    He waved at newcomers with a foolish smile and said, "Welcome to New Orleans City!"


    Randy Magnifico greeted him back and gave a surprised smile to council member, "Amanda Hi!"


    Amanda took her cue and shot back a friendly, "Hey, Randy!"


    Others just said, "Yat!" to greet the newcomers.


    Then Ardour Allen shouted from somewhere, "Randy! Don't shoot cannonballs down the street. This is a NO FLY zone!"


    To which Randy replied, "I ONLY have Ole '45."


    Amanda reassured the crowd as she simultaneously calculated her final cut of the night's earnings, "We don't want to have to call out the N.O.P.D. Not sure I can afford the bribes tonight."


    Of course, we all knew that the City Council members were the "Police Jury" all in one.


    So the guns were stowed (for now), and the New Orleans Police Department in Second Life can stand down.


    One bare topped couple danced in the middle of the street oblivious to the gathering crowd or the disarming of the lone cowboy.


    A frenzy was building on Bourbon St.


    And there was a hint of Frenchness in the air, too, as Chance Wise could be heard shouting out:


    ςhคภ๔ wiş๔ :      (¸¸.•´ ¯¨•.¸¸`•** (•.•)  **•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸)
    ςhคภ๔ wiş๔ :          (¨*•.¸´•. ::  Laissez  :: ¸.•´¸.•*¨)
    ςhคภ๔ wiş๔ : (¨*•.¸´•. ::  les bons temps   :: ¸.•´¸.•*¨)
    ςhคภ๔ wiş๔ :             (¨*•.¸´•. :: rouler  :: ¸.•´¸.•*¨)
    ςhคภ๔ wiş๔ :      (¸¸.•´ ¯¨•.¸¸`•** (•.•)  **•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸)


    Of course, there was no need to translate that into, "Let the Good Times roll!!!" Not for this crowd. They were already living it up.


    The Party's Getting Started!


    "As a member of the City Council," Joawny Trebuchet cleared his throat and tried to be heard, "I DECLARE this evening to be a time of fun and frolic for one and all!!"


    It was about this time in the evening that I first noticed Jerzy. He was tall and handsome and stood off kilter, and yet he seemed sure, steady and strong. His right hand brushed through this hair. I'm not sure if he noticed or even cared about the announcement.


    For his part, The DJ Joawny got the crowd rolling with War's "Lowrider" and Jet's "Cold Hard Bitch." He also mixed classic Rock with more recent tracks like Shaggy's "Dance and Shout," along with Rhianna's "Disturbia" and "Umbrella" with JayZ, and "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.


    Then the Musician of Bourbon Street kept the party rolling. As DJ Trinity loves to spin The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun," Joe Crocker's "You can Leave your Hat On," as well as more recent songs.


    DJ Trinity calls out:


                 . . . . o o o o o
                      _____      o
      ___====   ]OO|_n_n__][.   The party train arrived!!
        oo     oo   'oo OOOO-| oo\\_


    By this time the crowd was like one large pulse beating to the same rhythm and yet each avatar was a separate drop of digital liquid flow.


    All night, Jerzy hung out at the out edges of the revelers. Now, he was perched on the balcony rail above the crowd. From up there, he could be observed by one and all. He had on a baseball cap and wore beads. He's the kind of guy who Carly Simon sang about in "You're So Vain"; you know, the one who watches himself gavotte in the mirror.


    Behind him Lizzie LosAngeles and Kimmie Scrabblebat were dancing on the balcony flirting with Jerzy with their body language and looks.


    From high above us in the balcony, Lizzie LosAngeles belted out a huge dance cry and praised the Ting Tings whose music soared over the streets:



    Temba, who stood underneath the lamplight in neutral ground, could be heard above the din of the crowded street revelers:

                                   ( ¨*•.¸(¨*•.¸´•.¸ ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    ☆ (`'·.¸(`'·.¸THE BEST COMPANY  NUMERO UUUUUUUUUUNO ¸.·'´)¸.·'´) ☆
                                   (¸.•´¸.•*¨( ¸.•*¨ ¨*•.¸)¨*•.¸)´•.¸)


    Fashion Carnivalesque


    The talk of the evening centered around what everybody was wearing, or not wearing, or stripping off for beads.


    Penn Messmer won the maskers contest in the male category, and Chocolate Serrao Rhode and Jem Zafeiri each won the women's contest.


    Of course, it's feathers and great costumes that make carnival, carnival.


    Chocolate Serrao Rhode had the most awesome feathers. I honestly thought she was going to fly away and take us with her! She danced boldly and her feathers dusted anyone who got close enough.


    Her beauty was intoxicating as she whisked her feathers around from side to side as she danced.


    She described her costume, which came from Blacklace, as "Festive. Fun. Colorful. And I guess I'll throw in 'Daring' like me!"


    Her costume was purple, which is her favorite color, her belt was green, and her accent was gold. "But I think the two white wings both make the whole thing fun an exciting!!!


    "The white feathers I have on represented my desire to stand out ... which is why they contrast the costume," she smiled.


    Jem Zafeiri is a tall, longed-legged beauty.


    Jem got her costume from "90 Degrees" and she says it is called Samba. "I added a Mardi Gras tail and ears from Felicious!"Then I threw in some beads and lots of pearls."


    Her costume revealed skin and sensuality.


    Brenn Bridger was the "Indian" who caught every girl's eye Tuesday night, and he even danced solo at one point in the evening with everybody watching him.


    Brenn was inspired by some Rio carnival photos he had seen.


    He had long black wings on that were set against his beautiful black skin. He had a loin cloth draped over himself. And he wore sandals and straps that emphasized his calf muscles.


    What did he feel like in the costume?


    He felt like "A Sentinel," he said. And as he danced in the center of the square, watching over us, we felt protected in his midst.


    For her part, Amanda Dallin, part owner of the New Orleans City sim wore a Victorian formal gown made by her friend and designer Sho Kyong.


    Sho Kyong is a well-known Second Life fashion designer in the pirate community who primarily makes women's clothes for 18th and early 19th century role play.


    The Victorian formal was a deep and dark red that was accented with black lace.


    Amanda had acquired her mask from Illusions. She confidently puffed on her long cigarette holder and smiled like the Grande Dame!



    "Hey, what's up with the Gator?" someone asked.


    Trinity Claymore, the Bourbon St. Musician, said, "He's our Doorman."


    Amanda, who was manager of the sim for several years before becoming part owner in 2010, said," He hangs out at the Second Home Club here."


    At this point, I had to pipe up and say, "I see he's got a huge blood stain underneath his jaws."


    "He does get hungry."


    "How many people do you think he's eaten tonight?" I asked.


    "Only one I saw. We do suggest not feeding him," she smiled knowingly.


    "You mean, don't get too close, right?"


    Amanda laughed and said, "No! Don't click on the gator!"


    "Oh I already did." I admitted. "I guess that was me you saw getting chomped up."


    Amanda nodded.


    Jerzy, who is the SL version of James Dean, would have never clicked on the Gator.


    Amanda might have been about ready to offer me her advice about where I could score a "gris gris," which is kind of like a voodoo good luck charm, but I interrupted.


    "What kind of debauched party do you run here Amanda?" I smiled back and feined to look cool again through a light joke.


    We laughed.


    Veronica88 screamed, "... e dançar a noite toda" / "... and dance all night people."


    "He's named Boscoe, and he likes to dance."


    So do we. The barely clad couple were still dancing slowly to the faster music. So do we.

    Dancing among the Throws

    The throws now littered the streets and dancing as they had danced through the night were the King and his topless beauty.


    "I am... I'm just one of those people who can lose myself in one person and forget about the crowd around me," said Ahren Brianna with a big smile.


    Sonny Luckstone was indeed a very lucky man, wearing his king's hat, barechested, and holding the prettiest girl at the party.


    Dancing skin to skin Ahren smiled and said, "Well, had to earn those beads."


    The two laughed, went back to dancing and soon forgot they had even paused to talk with me.


    What made this party so great was, of course, the people, which when you think about it, is what makes any party great!


    And "N'awlins" had a great cast tonight! Grande Dame. Joker. Trickster. James Dean. Ravishing beauties. Indian. A Voodoo curse. An item.


    In Second Life, you're more likely to have a party with such a party-defining cast.


    The Party Goes On!


    Bourbon Street in Second Life doesn't compete with Bourbon Street in Real Life. Like most cases in Second Life, these simulated places compliment and even feed the desire to experience the real.


    But as several people said throughout the evening, they would like to have been in New Orleans in Real Life but it's kind of hard to get away when you don't have a vacation and you're in North Carolina, Illinois or even from farther away and outside of the United States.


    Bourbon St. actually opened the party earlier for the European audience with DJ Becky Beaumont switching from her native scones to King Cake.


    This SL simulation is both a teaser for the real thing, and it's the real thang!


    Of course, there were other parties going on all over Second Life. In real life, they say that none but Rio de Janiero's is bigger, and so I asked Amanda, "What do you say to people who say only Rio could be better than Bourbon St?


    "They haven't been to our Bourbon Street in Second Life," she smiled.



    To visit Bourbon St, New Orleans City in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/New%20Orleans%20City/173/120/22




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