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    Posted August 8, 2008 by
    Kingston, Massachusetts
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    Not-so-perfect weddings

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    We had a great wedding!!


    I just got married, and the day went off almost perfectly. I set my mind to thinking that I've done all I can, and now it's just time to let it all play out. I'm happy I did, because it really allowed me to enjoy the day for what it was, rather than get uptight because of something I can't control!


    One thing that none of us could have ever imagined was that our best man was killed in a car accident three weeks before our wedding day. He was my hubby's best friend, and this made the last couple of weeks of planning very tough. It's still very tough! My hubby was left with the decisions of who would stand in, which he decided the night of the rehersal dinner. He asked his younger brother to take the role of the Best Man in the Church, and asked his older brother to give the toast. This way, he wasn't replaced from our day. There was surely a void, but I can only look at it as our Best Man had a hand in making our day perfect for us! We just never know what life will give us next!



    And then the wedding....... 



    The morning of, we were going to be meeting at one of my bridesmaids house to get ready. I didn't realize until the day of that some of my other relatives who came down for the wedding would be staying there that weekend until I came back to total chaos from getting my hair done. It makes for great memories, but one bathroom for about 25 people getting ready made it tough. And then the photographer came in asking where the bathroom was- good luck.



    I must have talked to our limo company four times before the big day. Every time, we went over our "route," discussed the second pickup, (me and the bridesmaids) and I thought we were clear. My hubby and I were getting ready on the same street, so it made sense that the limo would pick up my groom and his groomsmen, take them to the church, (2 mins away) and then come back for me and my bridesmaids. It didn't entirely work out as planned.



    He picked up the groomsmen, and they did a stop by the cemetery to honor our best man who had passed. The limo dropped the guys off right at 2 for a 2:00 wedding. I had previously discussed with my brothers (who were not groomsmen) that they can also usher guests in. They actually ushered most all of them, except for the ones who came in a bit late. So I'm glad I had the back up.



    We were standing in the street waiting for the limo and he came around the corner and we all jumped in. I had kind of suspected that they must have made a stop, but that wasn't the only reason he was a bit late- he got lost coming back to the neighborhood! And, he forgot that he had an extra pickup until my groom mentioned it at the Church. (And the AC didn't work too well.....)



    My flower girls were being pretty shy taking pictures, and we were constantly sweetly asking them to turn around and smile. I hope the photographer's shots come out great, because some of the ones I've seen at least one of them is turned around.



    Everything else went off perfectly! We smushed the cake, stained my gown with red frosting, but had a great time doing so! And every stain came right out when it got cleaned. (Note: white frosting works best for smushing cake!)



    And as the cake smush was happening, no one seemed to notice (except my 16 year old brother shooting some video) the two flower girls, along with two of my young cousins putting their fingers into the cake. I still don't know how the caterer may have worked around that SIDE, because from the video it looked as though there were about 20 finger marks!



    Did I mention that it was 95 degrees out? OH ya, the hottest day of the year and the reception hall didn't have AC!! The caterer told me if it was above 90 they'd bring in extra units, but I only saw two small window ACs, a big fan, and four other smaller fans. For 175 guests, it was definitely warm, but thankfully plenty of us were still dancing up a storm! Some of my guests were standing out in the breezeway to the reception hall, but because of the design of the building (yay!) they could see what was going on and they weren't excluded from the party.



    And a lot of guests were walking around in their undershirts, and some of the children, including our ring bearer, had changed into street clothes because of the heat. Looks awkward in the pictures, but we were all having a good time!



    The bar ran out of beer, so things must have been pretty good!



    The pictures that I've seen so far are fabulous, (even the ones behind the Church where everyone is dying of heat and squinting to smile)-everyone says they had a great time, and I'm still basking in the joy of being a newlywed! Things do not always go as planned, but if you set your mind to allow for the unexpected, things will exceed your expectations!



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