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    Posted August 8, 2008 by
    Franklin, Tennessee
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    Not-so-perfect weddings

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    Cicadas and Bluegrass


    My youngest sister got married about 4 years ago in Franklin, TN.  She had a wedding planner who was supposed to be on top of things.  All was fun and went smoothly until the day of the wedding.  It was supposed to be outside in a small courtyard of an antebellum type home downtown.  I had gone to her house with all the bridesmaids to help out and to get dresses and sisters and the children transported.  I had my sister (the one getting married) in my car when she got a call from the wedding planner.  Apparently, there was a bluegrass festival that was being held on the same small street as the wedding site. This festival is held EVERY YEAR and the planner knew this, but waited until the day of the wedding to inform my sister.  The street would be blocked off, there was no available parking for guests, and my sister freaked out.  She started to cry.  I got her to the wedding site, but like we were warned, the street was blocked off.  I pulled up in front of the barriers hoping that someone would let us in so we could at least drop off the bridesmaids and my sister and the dresses for the makeup and pictures that had to be done before the ceremony.  The police station was right on the corner and a cop pulled out of the lot and whooped us with the siren.  He got on the speaker and told us, God, and everyone that we had to MOVE.  My sister was so distraught, she jumped out of the car, ran over to him and shrieked in the window, "Today is my wedding day!!!"


    I have to say, I was trying not to laugh because she looked like a loon.  We finally got in there and she headed upstairs, crying and still freaked.  I got all of her stuff up there with her and got her calmed down and told her I'd take care of everything, to NOT worry.




    I drove around the block and saw a free parking building right behind the site.  I drove back to where a cop was manning the barriers and asked if I could put up signs directing guests to the free lot.  He was so sweet and agreed.  I hauled @ss back to where our hotel was and where I'd seen a Michael's craft store.  I bought poster board, paper bells, stencils and sharpies.  I went to my hotel, changed clothes (thank goodness I at least had make up on but my hair was wrecked from the heat and humidity) and spent the next hour making signs with my husband.  My dad called and said I was needed NOW for pictures (they had held off our side of the family until I could get there) and so we hauled @ss back to the site.  We put out the signs as we turned corners, we ran to the site, and got the final pictures done.




    When it was finally time for the ceremony in the tiny walled in courtyard, the cicadas hit full force and so did the yodeling and bluegrass music at the festival on the street about 100 yards down.  You cannot hear a single word of the ceremony.I know I was in the 3rd row and couldn't hear from there.




    The wedding planner was useless.  I had to have her move all the gifts piled up on a table at the front of the house inside (lots of wandering festival goers walking right past) and she hid my sister's bouquet even though every married woman there had tied their wedding rings to ribbons on it as good luck charms for my sister to have a long lasting forever marriage.  THAT went over well when the women wanted their rings back!  I had to chase that down and return all the rings to their rightful owners.




    It was a crazy, crazy day, but when I see the gorgeous pictures and remember that chaotic day, I still laugh and think of her screaming at the cop like some crazy bridezilla (she really wasn't, she was just really stressed out).




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