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    Posted March 21, 2011 by

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    Mr. Alejandro Toledo (The Gander is on the Run)




    Mr.Alejandro Toledo (The Gander is on the Run)

    (I hope somebody translates this into Spanish, I haven’t got time, but if you care you will)

           Why is ex-president Toledo losing the Presidency at this very minute?

           I could also ask: How many times does it take for a Peruvian Citizen to wise up, and the answer might be six or seven…


           First Toledo should know: calling names isn’t good especially to the person who was your right hand man during your previous presidency. Anytime you cut down a person you befriended, and done you good, you don’t look good. Pablo is a gringo, but so is Toledo’s wife. How dumb can you be?    Especially saying Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has a disease, how uncouth for an educated man, it makes you look like a bar-drunk.


           Second, pride comes before destruction. Here you are Mr. Toledo, boasting and bragging and belittling everyone in your path, are you on dope or what? We all know you like to drink, perhaps you need treatment. You have a short memory that is how a previous contender for president lost last time—with the initial ‘O’, who now is running again, and acting like Humble Pie, how phony can you be.


           Forth, your wife’s a thief, in the eyes of many Peruvian folk, that’s called things unsettled. You should never have brought her into your race for high office or your domain at this time. She traveled the world on a Peruvian—go free card with your blessings, spending millions of dollars prancing around the world; and how about those mummies? Wasn’t it five missing on your watch, and who took them out of the museum? Your wife of course; your boasting brought this all back to their attention.

           And all that whiskey you bought—gosh, you could have bought a distillery cheaper.

           And here you are again and again, bragging about going to Harvard—true or not, nobody cares how much you know until you show how much you care.

           And this on going thing that you were a shoeshine boy, if there is any truth to it it’s so over played and stale, and unreal, nobody takes notice to it anymore. As the old saying goes:

           “You can fool some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.” And that is what you are trying to do.  As Peru is trying to stand erect in the world, you would break her back down to her knees. Your time is over.

           Plus how about: ‘Gay Marriages?” There are still real Christians in Peru, some of those votes count. Actually, there are more real Christians, than real Gays, so you chose one over the other. I think you must feel, Christians will still vote for Gay Marriages despite, your hugging them into your domain. Wrong again, that’s called being true to your values, or violating them.  If you are a real Christian, you will not violate them simply to be president, if you can, what can we expect from you?

           You say your opponent is too old, and a gringo, yet you work in the United States, and if you lose you most likely will be there sooner than later. So the gringos are okay when it counts, and just in the way, with you are running for office.

           Again, how many times do you need to slap the people of Peru in the face before they wake up? Whatever the number is, you woke them up.       


           I pray Mr. Toledo, you don’t get in for another term, the people of Peru deserve better. Actually during your presidency, you never made the country safer, although you may have brought the Gross National Product up. And one of the main five areas of interest to any nations is ‘safety’.



    By Dennis L. Siluk







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