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    Posted March 22, 2011 by

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    The Fountain of Youth


    I am brainstorming over the perturbed possibilities of fish and omega fish oil in our diets.  It was not coral calcium in the south japanese seas that kept our elders robust with longevity, it was in the fish they ate that fed on the coral florets.  I hear news about autism and using a high concentration of mayonnaise in their diets and forgetting the brain food or protein tuna fish in thee autistic equation.  I also hear that hair is protein and they once created a balding solution made again from mayonnaise and not the protein of fish that replenishes.  Fish like salmon, show great in research like alzheimer's.  Salmon is a smart fish that swims the seven seas, only to return to where the fry was born, to spawn again, it is also rich in omega fish oil and not mayonnaise.  I thought to create a salmon sandwich with the omega fish oil and bone calcium, and whipped cream cheese as opposed to the cholesterol in mayonnaise.  I am still appalled with the Christian stance on fish on Friday.  The fish enhances brain function and brain matter is a fatty tissue membrane filled with fatty tissue-like nerve endings that when severed confuse brain and neurology surgeons to mend the delicate fused tentacles.  If hair and brain tissue are protein rich, then we should increase our safe fish eating in our diets for hair, brain and longevity.  I am reaching for the fountain of youth, as found in the fresco of "The Fisherman" of Akrotiri, with the youths "catch" of tuna.  This is more than a theory, it is based on complex proteins and oils that amass near two-thirds of the planet.  We don't replenish the seas, as we bred the buffalo back from extinction, or as raise sheep or plant wheat.  We need to give back to the seas, as we do the land, but we still don't plant corn the way the Indians taught us with a small "fish" in the hole with the kernel of corn.  The Indians and the Chinese have a way to give back to land and sea, it's natural and ecological.  The fountain of youth comes from wholesome living in a balanced ecosphere without toxins, or at least antidotes, to poisons that attack our immune system.  As I said fish cover two-thirds of the planet and there might be something to say about bi-polar disorder and India and their low beef intake or mad cow disease, and probably green tea.  The fountain of youth lies in the body that reproduces itself every seven years in our metabolic restructuring, that dissipates with age because of toxins or pollutants in the system, that we combat with without a fish diet and other balances that trigger our human condition to spawn on a seven year cycle.  Which must mean, poor diet and toxins lower a metabolic longevity, or age us like menial labor and stress and not fish and yogurt.  There is much more to clarify in the fountain of youth equation.  But get your safe fish protein, for starters, and replenish the seas and rebuild yourselves with protein power and refresh your body and the natural eco-sphere. Mr. David Michael Pedjoe 21 Cypress Ave Shrewsbury, MA. 01545-1308 USA Phone: 1-508-304-0612 E-mail:  davidpedjoe@hotmail.com

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