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    Antique Bank Smart Systems™ will make unique to secured and insured life and non-life of India and G



    Public:   the increasing purchase power by all   daily priority commerce deal   transaction will attach generate all  life  non-life item micro-finance   and insurance premium refill high  maturity  claimed policy systems.

    Private and home made business: Antique Bank Smart Systems™ (MID) innovation will enable to all     industry all products will generate in advanced profit sharing     micro-finance insurance with life time costumers, producer and     enterprise demand supply chain relation one time all tax deducted and     all business risk adopted policy.

    Government: the corrupt free E-Governance data SQL any-ware cloud server smart systems policy.

    The   deliberations will serve to enhance the awareness and   understanding   about the tremendous potential of mobile, wireless and   wired new media   technologies in transform the delivery of safe life   data information  and  all life non-life cycle data safeguarding   transaction insured  services  to e-direction for poor and under  poverty  line common masses  to all  country in future.

    We  are going public for set-up  e-Merge network and outlet  devices  at all  public, private and  government places will attached  technology  adopted  by hand held (MID)  Azure cloud SQL any ware network  and  aiding this  start up which is  linked to the field of multi-utility   mobile banking  and all data SQL  any where application and phones-  which  is the future  of telephony  e-Merge outlet devices will be  providing at  public, private  and  government places.

    Our  company motto and milestone is embedded  pathway of  ecosystems  to all  technology all innovation should be  getting first to  healthy  and safe  secured financing benefited life  improving to the life  of  common masses  by zero corruption, carbon, and  crime and poverty  free  world we are is  always ready to services and  innovation and   developing for the poor by  the poor of the poor.

    Every   single individual on earth could be a potential user we  will  be  charges  by e-Merge (MID) banking  & insurance refilling,   mobile  court, food  banking carpooling and more on /of line network    credentials of all life  non-life all risk adoption by data SQL any   ware  by public, private, and  government. Charges will applicable as   per  customer usage /  requirement. Stretch from a single paisa to   actual  usage.

    We  are going to start-up product Antique Bank  Smart Systems™  (MID)  launch  first in India, china and globally plans  will be first   provide to all  nation’s bottoms level common masses  their own,  families  and life  non-life business financial, secure and  health  insured end to  end that  all have to Enter/Invest e-Merge  through our  broad strategic  partnership  at Antique Bank Smart Systems™  that would  use their  complementary  strengths and secure financially  to create a  Antique Bank  Smart Systems™  new global mobile and off line  secured  finance  technology of Antique  Bank Smart Systems™ (MID) with  hand  held smart  ecosystem value added  credentials.

    We  invite  all public private to jointly create market-leading   mobile  finance and  all payment chain of circle products buying,  selling  and  distribute  of life non-life secured services will  attached whole  life  circle  designed adoption offer by our innovative  (MID) technology  to all   public, private and government consumers,  operators and  developers’   unrivaled choice and opportunity. As each  and every one of  our e-Merge   Azure cloud data end to end all kind  safe transaction would  focus on  its  core competencies, our terms  partnership would create the  golden   opportunity for rapid time to  market execution. Additionally,  we are   offer to all route track of  life non-life will born or generate   attached  with our largest policy  supported plan to public, private  and   government network together to  integrate one key windows assets  and   Antique Bank Smart Systems™  create completely new (MID) safe  finance   service and all revenues and  tax deducted profited sharing  offerings,   while extending established  products and services to new  value added   cloud services markets.

    Our  every e-Merge partner  would adopt attached Antique Bank  Smart  Systems™  technology and  follow terms by (MID) every brand unit   devices or without  as its  principal network attached Azure Clod  Server  Bus domain SQL Any  ware  smart systems (MID) strategy,  innovating on top  of the hand held   platform in micro finance and  insurance areas such as  imaging, where is  a  bottom level common  masses will improving their  life cycle will   supported Antique Bank  Smart Systems™ by insured to all  deal operate  all  product transaction  life non-life will attached end  to end insured  into  market.

    Antique Bank Smart Systems™ a zero Corruption, Crime, Carbon and poverty free largest Cloud   banking   of black- white economy settlements movement with next   generation  value  added hand-held smart systems credentials

    We   will provide back-up history of currency documents file  routes  of  life  items and non-life items data history, which will be  safely   secured in  the Azure server bus.

    Culprits  would be booked in  Anti Money Laundering (AML) Cyber   Custody and  Currency Block (CCCLB),  which is control on bank robbery,   mafia  extortion, drugs smuggler and  non-accounted hush fund those   directly or  indirectly involving  terrorism activities and could   eventually lead to  cyber-imprisonment.
    All public, private and government Financial institutions can introduce Antique Bank Smart Systems™ a mobile banking or without mobile by bio-matrix eID   Thematic for   Antique Bank Customer of (MID) or we are enable account   access to   without devices lost in life that they have by Indian   government   (Adhar) eID or born with our permanent DNA mach barcode   tattoo for   Lifecycle services that allow customers to have the   flexibility and   convenience of managing their safe finances and insured    end to end   over their mobile phones or without. Customers can make   micro   payments; check account balances, transfer money, pay bills and   more   with m-Banking.
    Financial institutions can easily integrate the     m-Banking platform with existing e-channel banking platforms or with     their core banking systems so that they can offer and support   innovative   mobile commerce applications and services.

    Enables end-to-end mobile banking
    Antique Banking provides software, services and messaging—a complete mobile banking solution.
    Introduces a new channel to interact with customers
    Antique Bank Smart Systems™ Antique Bank Mobiles live bid marketing allow you to communicate or     settlements bargaining in yours profit sharing in advanced demand   &   supply more efficiently and effectively with your customers,   clients  and  Government Vat/Tax/sell tax you can manage the user   experience  through  our risk adopted policy life and non-life of the   entire  producer/  customer/merchandise development life cycle safe end   to end.
    We Adapts to all kind your third party risk by our (MID) networks will enable value added mobile devices services credentials
    Financial     institutions in developed and emerging markets can rely on the   Banking   platform for a complete attached our value added mobile   internet  devices  (MID) will enable for Animal Care , Carpooling   Traffic &  Transport  sharing, Food banking, Mobile Court,   Telemedicine, Sky  Farming and more  online-off-line solution that   supports all mobile  transactions conducted  by mobile unit phone or   without mobile by  bio-metric e-ID  Thematic services .
    We   Delivers  communications across multiple  mobile channels, including   SMS, Voice  mail, USSD, mobile food banking,  law court, e-Education Web   browser and  more eco smarts systems solution  will provide by our   (MID) mobile  application
    m-Banking supports  to all   popular messaging  channels so that financial institutions can  appeal   to broad consumer  base. Banks have multiple options for creating    low-cost payment  services such as money transfers, micro-finances ,    insurance refilling   account balance inquiries, bill payments, recent    transactions and  more.
    Delivers powerful payment processing and service delivery
    Antique     m-Banking includes the Mobilize platform, an operator-grade payment     processing and service delivery platform. The Mobilize platform   provides   a state-of-the-art Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

    Financial     institutions from across the globe rely on Antique Bank m-Commerce   365.   Our m-Commerce solutions have achieved numerous certifications,     including:

    ·                   Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

    ·                   Anti Money Laundering (AML) with Database of life non-life Cyber Custody & Currency Block (CCCB)

    ·                   Federal Information Processing Standardization 140 (FIPS)

    ·                   GSMA Mobile Money Vendor

    ·                     End  to End Security audits have been completed  by Every type Card    International, Independent security audits have  been successfully    performed by public private companies such as all  government Statement    of Auditing Standard Global partner of www.antiquebank.mobi SQL anyware
    We     define the Unwired Enterprise as an enterprise that uses our eID     thematic information technology to create the seamless flow of     information from the data center to any device. The benefits for   public,   private and governments enterprises becoming an Unwired   Enterprise are   substantial. An Unwired Enterprise


    An Unwired and wired Enterprise: Breaks down   information technology barriers and delivers critical   information and   applications to employees, partners, and customers, to   any platform,   device or network, anytime, anywhere.


    Is   more efficient,  more productive, and better able to capitalize  on new   opportunities  because information is moved to the point of  action,   increasing its  relevance and enhancing the power of decisions  and   transactions.

    Breaks    down information technology barriers and delivers critical   information   and applications to employees, partners, and customers,  to  any  platform,  device or network, anytime, anywhere

    Antique    Bank Smart Systems™ more efficient, more productive, and  better able  to   capitalize on new opportunities because information is  moved to  the   point of action, increasing its relevance and enhancing  the power  of   decisions and transactions.
    To enable the Unwired    Enterprise,  Antique Bank offers a cohesive platform that leverages  our   core  strength in data management, analytics, market leading  mobile    solutions and operator-grade network infrastructure.
    This  platform    provides unique opportunities for (MID) to deliver ongoing  value to  the   enterprise market, while at the same time addressing  emerging    high-growth markets, such as analytics, Antique mobile (MID)  banking  and   mobile commerce leveraging Smart Systems’ global  enterprise reach  and   mobile messaging capabilities.
    SQL Anywhere  is a comprehensive  suite   of solutions that provides data management,  synchronization and  data   exchange technologies that enable the rapid  development and  deployment   of database-powered applications in remote  and mobile  environments.
    Developers can use the database and synchronization technologies in www.antiquebank.mobiSQL Anywhere to power data-driven applications in server, mobile and remote     workgroup environments. SQL Anywhere supports the unwired enterprise   by   enabling line-of-business applications to run in remote locations   and  on  all major laptops, enterprise hand held and Smart phone devices 
    Out-of-Box Performance
    With   self-tuning  query  optimizer and dynamic cache sizing features,   data-driven  applications  built with SQL Anywhere require little to no   DBA support  to provide a  powerful application. SQL Anywhere applications   handle  20,000  transactions per minute, thousands of users and hundreds   of  gigabytes  of data.
    Advanced Synchronization
    Data-driven     applications are able to integrate securely and reliably with    databases  using enterprise-class synchronization features provided in    SQL  Anywhere. It is the only synchronization technology that provides    data  synchronization between the leading mobile internet devices and    Antique  Bank, Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL and IBM databases in the    enterprise.


    Feature Rich
    Developers     will appreciate the advanced features, platform flexibility, and     compliance with SQL and ANSI standards when building a data-driven     application with SQL Anywhere. Features like OLAP, materialized views,     snapshot isolation, full-text search, regular expressions, support   for   C#, VB.NET, C/C++, ASP, Java, PHP and Perl and other development     languages, native access through ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC 3.5/level 2,   JDBC   3.0 and Open Client and support for over 17 operating systems,   Antique   Bank SQL Anywhere is the ideal database technology for   growing   enterprises and application vendors. AntiqueBank Client interfaces supported by SQL Anywhere
    Easily Embedded
    Antique BankSQL Anywhere was built from inception to be embedded into a server, remote workgroup or mobile application.     Its many self-maintenance features like automated administration,   back   up and tuning, hidden runtime mode, and an installation process   that  can  be integrated with your application, makes it very easy to   broadly   deploy with any software application.
    SQL Anywhere Broad Platform Support
    SQL     Anywhere was built on the premise that developers should be given  the    option to choose the tools, technologies and platforms that best  meet    their needs and preserve existing investments in operating  systems,    databases, development skills and tools.
    Antique Bank SQL Anywhere Server


    ·                   Windows x86, x64 and Itanium

    ·                   Windows Mobile

    ·                   Novell NetWare

    ·                   Linux x86, x64 and Itanium

    ·                   Sun Solaris SPARC and x86

    ·                   Mac OS X on Intel

    ·                   IBM AIX

    ·                   HP-UX PA-RISC and Itanium


    ·                   Windows

    ·                   Windows Mobile

    ·                   Palm OS

    ·                   Symbian OS
    Before    Enter/Merge/Invest/ into  our no risk factor of consumers, public,    private and government were  offered largest widest choices policy when    it came to Antique Bank  Smart Systems™ mobile & desktop smart    systems and lowest cost  value added services and third party liability    credentials will  enable attached to all life non life product end to  end   secured risk  adopted on one route monitoring by hand held (MID)  we  will  giving all  their data safe in our largest mobile Internet  (Azure  cloud)  server  bus and devices (MID) banking and generation next  smart  systems  cane  be afforded by poor to invest and their profits  get  sharing by our   risk adoption policy development .All smaller and  giant  companies  with  the newest ideas simply did not have the big  research  and  development  budgets needed to realize their visions.
    Then introduced its business model: Antique Bank Smart Systems ™
    The     goal was simple: We are ready to provide all our smart systems value     added services to wired and wireless companies with our R&D to   bring   their innovations to market.

    Our    smart systems will alert you and safeguard you and governments   against   the greedy politicians and (IPO) corporatist, Thief, bank   robber and   mafia will never access to market or other misuses of your   and   governments money currency and non-life asset without your and     governments permit that our systems denies will blocked all your   forward   transaction with backup data the Culprits would be booked in   Anti  Money  Laundering (AML) Cyber Custody and Currency Block (CCCLB),   which  is  control on bank robbery, mafia extortion, drugs smuggler   and   non-accounted hush fund those directly or indirectly misuses   involving   terrorist activities and could eventually lead to   cyber-imprisonment end   to end.

    Parents   control to Generation pocket money by  our smart e-Wallet,  today major   parents are worried there children’s  bad habit to misuse  their pocket   money access for nuisance like  smoking, drinking  alcoholic and drug  by  pick pocket without informed to  parents wallet  misuses in teen and  minor  age even this credentials  will be provide  to all government   non-government firm authority their  office  expensive will control  misuse  of petty cash same.

    Mobile   Court Smart Systems™ World's largest movement for crime free  and   fastest track electronic Mobile Court of next generation  inexpensive   cyber justice we will be enable to our every Antique Bank  e-Merge   Account holder will be get our value added services of speedy  law and   order Mobile Internet Devices (MID) fastest track electronic  Mobile   Court of next generation inexpensive cyber justice live virtual  court   with lie detecting devices SQL LAWSUTE, SMS Summons - 365 day  24/7   any-ware anytime end to end credentials.

    Antique   Food Bank Smart Systems™ is the World's largest movement  for hunger-   free and next generation good health and poor people  –friendly   inexpensive/ food banking we will be enable to our every  Antique Bank   e-Merge Account holder will be get our value added  services of lowest   cost- high calorie- healthy nutrition edible  condition food deposit and   circulation and order booking by every  Mobile Internet Devices (MID)   Mobile Food Banking of next generation  365 days- 24/7 anywhere anytime   end to end nutrition-plus we will  offer  to  all public private and   governments vacuumed or extra   sphere  places  provide allow us for   setup solar/ cold refrigeration  freeze and storing spot food banking  for  a healthier world.

    Antique   Traffic & Transport Smart Systems™ World's largest  movement for   zero carbon polluted free- zone and next generation –eco  friendly   inexpensive traffic and transport sharing undersign agreement  between   all new and old all two, three and all type public private  and   governments aviation, hand cart, vehicles seat and carriers hire  on  leas  partnership purchase agreement with all public, private and   government  hand cart, vehicles owners have to permit allow share and   informed by  SMS, Voice mail or call to our every Antique bank e-Merge   account holder  needy suffering of all type hand cart, vehicles vacant   seat and vacant  goods carrier of top roof will attach our GSM network   through satellite  our every vehicles partner agreement holder have to   provide  their  vacant seat and  vehicles location and time to time   route changing by  daily schedule information provide to our every   Antique Bank e-Merge  account holder will be get  eco–friendly   inexpensive traffic ,parking  and transport sharing information on every   mobile  we will be enable to  our every all type vehicles partner and   Antique Bank e-Merge Account  holder will be get our value added   services of lowest cost- condition  and  new old vehicles purchase   partner will paying  all their joint due with our monthly bank loan EMI   by joint  earning charges to our order booking by using  every  Mobile   Internet Devices (MID)  eco friendly  traffic and transport  sharing    GSM satellites services credentials  next generation 365 day  24/7   anywhere anytime end- to- end vacuumed seats or extra  sphere   places   for goods provide allow us  for  setup polluted and carbon free  traffic   and transport to make green route world.

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