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    Posted March 31, 2011 by
    Stratton, Vermont

    Community Stunned by Discovery of Crop Circles in Vermont


    John Friend denies allegations of involvement in crop circles discovered in Stratton, Vermont


    John Friend Founder of Anusara yoga, refutes allegations that he is in any way involved in the seemingly paranormal crop circle phenomenon that is being dubbed the “Grand Circle”  found in a field near Stratton, Vermont. He denies that the cluster of figure 8 circles have any association with the Anusara Grand Circle event happening with Wanderlust Vermont this June on the Summer Solstice.


    The Grand Circle Mystery Deepens



    The sheer scale of this formation is a marvel to behold. Many people were walking among its many circles in awe and wonder.

    The mystery deepens with eye-witness accounts by many people of strange lights over the area on the night of the crop formation's appearance. Many people claim to have captured these lights on camera and are convinced that they have an association with the appearance of the circles.


    "I see the two lobes of the infinity symbol representing the infinite sets of past and future probabilities, and the intersection representing the eternal now, where past and future join together to  form the moment that we are all co-creating," said one Anusara yoga  teacher, who is planning on attending the Anusara Grand Circle this summer, when queried about the symbol.


    What Does It All Mean?


    8 represents the breath, life-force, connection to energy. 8 or Infinity represents the pranic body in Tantric Numerology, the 8th element is oxygen.


    8 represents a completion, like the circle, but on a new level, another octave, both an end and a beginning. In nature every 8th wave arriving at the sea shore is bigger than the rest. In music, the 8th note begins another octave.


    8 hertz is the brainwave frequency healers and mystics tune into to enter so-called, “expanded consciousness.” Furthermore, the earth resonates at 8 Hertz. Astronauts need an 8 Hertz generator to maintain health. Life is utterly dependant upon the frequency of 8.


    Eminent Tantric scholar Christopher "Hareesh" Wallis  discussing symbolism of this super-natural phenomena...


    "It is clearly an expression of non-duality. The universal life-force energy embodied as Gaia, Mother Earth, is communicating to us the fundamental Unity of all polarities: expansion and contraction, masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, black and white, normal and strange. Does this herald a new era of Oneness or total confusion?  If everything is One and nothing can be separated from anything else, how will we tell our knee from our elbow?  Will we still be able to do yoga poses???" Hareesh states: "This spiritually significant symbol of balance and union has evolved out of the realm of Sacred Geometry, along with the Egyptian pyramids, Mayan temples, the perfection of a chambered nautilus seashell, and Kenny Graham's biceps.  These geometric forms stimulate our inter-related connection with Nature, awakening us to the beauty and power of Life!"


    With this Grand Circle enigma one thing is certain - a great deal of mystery and excitement flourishes in the magical State of Vermont's Stratton Mountain area, with speculation now pointing towards the Summer months when an Anusara Grand Circle will form around the Solstice.

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