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    Posted April 7, 2011 by
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    U.S. government is 'open for business'

    furious military wife and mother


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     'I want to see some grown-up behavior,' says jasperjane26. 'If a 27-year-old can make a budget for her family on one income, there's no reason that [the government] can't. I would love to see some common sense, and some acknowledgment that they're ruining lives.'
    - rachel8, CNN iReport producer

    Right now it's six am, I have been awake since midnight. I've been wondering how I'm going to feed the four little people that are asleep right now, not aware of how soon their whole lives could be ruined by this governments utter and complete stupidity.  My husband is in the military, deployed. The last thing he needs is to be wondering how his family is going to put food on the table. I'm outraged, my future that is so precarious right now is completely out of my hands. As a parent all I want is to provide for my chldren. And it makes me feel like dirt that I might not be able to. Not because I over spent on this months budget, but because for the work he's doing my husband might not be getting paid.  Sure, they'll back pay us, once they decide to start acting like mature adults. But that won't take care of the late fee's, the hits to my credit score, the possible foreclosure that I am faced with should this shut down actually happen. I know, it seems silly, how could a few weeks pay derail someone's whole life, right? in my case a few weeks pay could anihilate my family financially. It could destroy years of sacrifice and savings so we could have a home of our own. It could de rail my confidence in myself to parent (even though logically I know this is out of my hands, when those faces look at me, I'm the one who takes the hit). It alread has anihilated, destroyed and de railed any confidence I have in the government of this country that my husband and so many many others like him risk their lives to defend. I dont know that anyone with any sway reads these things, but if by chance they do - here is the humble opinion of a mother of four: Go to your room and DO NOT COME OUT UNTIL YOUR JOB IS DONE. If that means 24 hours a day till it gets done fine. Lord knows I've been up 24 hours worrying about this.

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