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    Posted April 7, 2011 by
    Jacksonville, Florida
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    U.S. government is 'open for business'

    Furious Navy Wife and Mom


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     USNWife08 says that if her family loses her husband's income because of the impending government shutdown, she'll be able to pay the bills or put food on the table, but not both. "I am not only speaking my voice for my family, but military families as a whole. We sacrifice enough already. We have loved ones at war or deployed, or working outrageous hours to serve this country. Our loved ones are out there facing war and death. They don't need to be worrying about if their family is starving at home."
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    My husband fights for this country, every single person in this country. Including the people who are deciding that he isn't going to get a paycheck after April 8th if they shut the government down because they have had 189 day so far to reach this decision but have failed to. I look at my two precious children and my number one fear as a mother is almost reality. How am I supposed to make sure there's food on the table for my children? How am I supposed to get groceries because you are not going to pay us? My bill collectors will not care that he isn't recieving a pay check. My entire life, everything that we have done over the last 5 years will come undone because of this. No one can even tell us WHEN we will recieve a paycheck again or the "back pay" we will be entitled to. Yet you expect my husband to drive to work everyday. How is he going to be able to put gas in his car?? How can you expect us to take the fall for what you have failed to accomplish? Why are we and everyone else negatively effected by this the scapegoats yet you get your salary still? You don't have to worry about how you will put food on your table for your family. Or worry about them taking your car away or canceling your car insurance. Your credit won't get completely destroyed because you're going to miss your credit card payment. Or your house foreclosed on because you can't pay. Yet we sacrifice for you. Yet you serve this country too but your wallets are bloated. You are not supposed to be paid a small fortune to serve this country. My husband who deploys to places that are not safe doesn't expect thousands and thousands of dollars for what he does. But you do. And why can't you sacrifice your pay so we don't have to? Don't we sacrifice enough for this country? Now we aren't even entitled to get paid for everything we go through? And you can't get your act together and do YOUR job. But he's required to do his, give his job 110% but not be paid for it. How is it fair that my husband is defending HIS country yet his countries government is going to sit back and let his family potentially starve, not be able to seek medical attention, not have gas or money to get groceries. Why do 1.4 million members of the military have to sacrifice more because you Congress are not capable of doing your job. Six extensions now? 189 days you have had to figure something out. To agree on a spending budget for a fiscal year that ends in 5 months.

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