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    Posted April 10, 2011 by
    Manila, Philippines

    Allergic reaction to C24/7 of Nature's Way





    President / COO

    Nature’s Way Products, Inc.

    Springville, Utah 84663 USA



    Master Herbalist / Director of Technical Affairs

    Nature’s Way Products, Inc.

    Springville, Utah 84663 USA



    April 10, 2011


    Dear Mr. Mahony & Mr. Morris,




    First and foremost I would like to congratulate your company for creating brilliant products such as the C24/7 dietary supplement. My name is Michelle from Manila, Philippines and I’ am one of those thousands who patronized and trusted your product C24/7 through your exclusive distributor in the Philippines Alliance in Motion Global, Inc or popularly known as AIM Global.


    Moreover, I have attended the seminar of Aim Global, Inc. for a possible dealership & information about their products which includes C24/7 dietary supplement last Monday April 4, 2011 around 7:00pm in their office in AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, Pasig City, Manila, Phils. I was invited by Mr. Bernard Delos Santos and AIM Global Dealer Mr. James Capendit and according to Mr. Capendit he is the direct down line of Mr. Raymond “John” Asperin Vice President for Marketing of AIM Global that’s why its very impressive and enticing to invest. In the 1st hour of the seminar Dr. Butch Villena, MD explained the features and benefits of the products they are distributing including C24/7, the product C24/7 can be taken with prescribed medicine maintenance of an ailing person, and how it works in our body & no other warnings etc. After the seminar I was extremely overjoyed because finally there is a phytomedicine or a natural plant-base product such as C24/7 which I believe is a very good alternative to other synthetic dietary supplements.


    After the seminar I fell in love with your product C24/7, even If I knew that it has no approved therapeutic claims. I instantly wanted to try it for my ailing mother who is suffering from multiple sicknesses including breast cancer. By that time, I didn’t have enough funds to invest as a dealer for AIM Global which costs PhP 8,000.00. Because of this, Mr. James Capendit the dealer decided to lend me his 1 box of C24/7 that cost PhP1, 200.00 so my mom could try it as soon as possible though the C24/7 is still unpaid. Meanwhile, according to Mr. James Capendit who has a direct access to the owners Mr. Raymond “John” Asperin and Mr. Francis Miguel advised him that my ailing mother should take 9 capsules a day for breast cancer. I followed their instructions and let my mom consume 9 capsules a day believing it will make her feel better and also because I believe they know what they are doing since one of the owners Dr. Ed Cabantog, MD is a practicing licensed physician.


    However, according to my mother during the 1st few days of consuming C24/7 she felt energized though feeling a little itchiness in the eye/lip areas, not thinking it’s due to C24/7. But then to my surprise something went wrong after my mother consumed more or less 20 capsules in 2½ days during that period my mother developed a sore in the edge of her lips and eventually a severe allergic reaction that causes her difficulty in breathing, redness in the face and swollen face/eye area in the early morning of Wednesday April 6, 2011. So during the day after several meetings, my mother consulted a licensed physician about her dilemma in our Health Center since she was in the vicinity already. And just to make sure that the diagnosis was accurate on April 7, 2011 she consulted another physician in the hospital for a 2nd opinion. But as I expected the diagnosis was the same, my mother developed a fatal allergic reaction to your product C24/7 that almost killed her if she was not taking her maintenance for her chronic bronchial asthma. There were no warnings about possible allergies or adverse effects on the packaging. If there were warnings this could have stopped her from ingesting more of the supplement and lessen the negative effects.


    On April 8, 2011 my mother said she wasn’t feeling good again & she developed a very dry face/lips and anxiety for the worsening condition. Things have gotten worst.


    In lieu of these unfortunate circumstances, before my mother consulted a physician, I first informed the dealer Mr. James Capendit but refused to cooperate or even help us get through this dilemma. Maybe because he is “cooking” something, if truth be told he mentioned that the owners of AIM Global, Inc thru Mr. Raymond “John” Asperin is planning to buy a commercial condo unit thru him at the ADB Towers Condominium Pasig City in which Mr. Capendit represents as an agent who is expecting to receive a huge commission if the deal will be finalized. The reason I’ am saying this is for you to see why there is a pattern of slackness on Mr. James Capendit side or even his unsympathetic response in the scenario. I already informed him of the negative effects of C24/7 to my mom. Since Mr. Capendit was not cooperating or even helping us get through my mothers’ predicament or get in touch with the owners though I know he has direct access.


    I decided to seek help from AIM Global office and I insisted to speak directly to the owners since they were the ones who instructed us that my mom should take 9 capsules a day. Besides one of the owners is a doctor and I believed they were bragging that he is one of the makers of C24/7 and hoping he can help my mom or assess what happened. In my desperation for answers to what went wrong, I decided to speak to the Operations Manager, Mr. Andrew Corvera in which I believe was very unreliable because he was not a licensed physician or even the one who instructed us.


    And to this day, I haven’t heard any action taken or received an apology from the owners of AIM Global for their irresponsible advice to us, or even reprimand their unsympathetic dealer Mr. James Capendit for neglect. And to make matter worst Mr. Bernard Delos Santos texted me a few hours ago, and I’ am hoping he will ask how’s my mom or is there anything they can help to ease our dilemma. But to my surprise he just texted to malign and insult us, my goodness is this kind of dealers AIM Global, Inc and Nature’s Way represents. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!


    Nevertheless, in my point of view it is the glorious name of your company Nature’s Way is at the verge of disgrace for the negligence of the owners of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. and their unprofessional dealers. This open letter is not to malign anyone but to seek proper sanctions for those people involved. I am just a daughter who loves her mother unconditionally & seeking alternative ways to make her feel better despite her predicament and I am also just a great believer of your products who is seeking answers as to what went wrong. If I am your daughter and my mother is your wife WHAT WILL YOU DO?


    I humbly ask your good hearts as good as the products your company had produced for almost 42 years, PLEASE HELP MY MOTHER GET JUSTICE!


    Sincerely yours,



    Michelle Fabria

    Manila, Philippines


    Note: picture was taken 1 day after the allergy reaction, pls call for further details.

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