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    Posted April 18, 2011 by
    boston, Massachusetts
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    Czars Paid Nearly $91M per Year



    Unlike any president in US History, Mr. Obama has circumvented the US Congress and created record debt that this week he presented a plan to remove the nearly $12 trillion debt that his administration and the Democratic Party created in record time since taking the White House and until this year, holding both houses in Congress for over five (5) years. Not bad for a non-leader who’s Czars and assistants run our nation to have converted our nation to a socialist or communist nation again in record time.


    In normal Obama habitual liar (for the record, I was the first American to use this phrase when speaking about then Senator from Illinois, Obama) format, recently Mr. Obama suggested cuts in his Czars pay that is nearly $91M per year according to the GAO.


    Just like Mr. Obama’s other gimmicks like the US not having inflation by taking out food and energy out of the inflation formula; to adding thousands of government jobs and forcing non-government jobs to hire millions for six (6) month contracts, these to gimmicks have tainted the truth that Mr. Obama has little integrity or honesty to use as America’s number one leader (in title only).


    As for Obama Care, only small businesses are suffering. Large companies all received Obama care waivers.


    As for those in their 50s, large companies know that they can clearly discriminate and lay them off without any worry of the US government coming after them. All they have to say is that they have no work.


    But the worst example was mailing letters to all the warfighters in the middle east telling them that they might only get a week’s pay if the budget did not get pass (final budget still pending).


    Of course, Mr. Obama, the US Congress, and his key personnel were assuring their paychecks. After all, living as kings and gods requires money and living as second class citizens and new-wave slaves requires nothing.

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