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    Posted August 12, 2008 by
    Boston, Massachusetts
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    John Edwards admits to extramarital affair

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    The loss of values in America!



    I think the reason so many of us are drawn to this topic is because of the matter itself, not just because of John Edwards. America is allowing itself to become desensitized to so many important issues, and so many have forgotten that the block of society is the home, and present day has done a great job of moving away from that.



    If we "allow" our representatives to continue their behavior without voicing our opposition, then we are basically saying that there is nothing wrong with the behavior. I worry about the youngest generation.



    As I went through school, (I'm 26) I watched the realm of responsibility dwindle in front of me, just like many of you. I remember sitting around the library in 7th grade watching the OJ Simpson verdict. (Got off with murder.) I remember listening to the replay over and over of Bill Clinton on the stand. (Remained president even though he commited adultry.) And I have heard first hand the pain of a friend who was contemplating abortion, and being dumbfounded why she was having sex in the first place at 15. (BUT, abortion is legal, and the schools basically encourage sex by handing out birth control.) She gave birth to the baby. No doubt she struggled, but he's 11 now, and they're both doing well.



    My point is that too many allow excuses for everything. Every behavior is excusable by some, including adultry and murder. There is no clear black and white, everything is gray.



    Preachers have to be careful what they preach as to not offend anyone. Children have to be taught that there are all sorts of families (ie gay and lesbian) as to not offend anyone. Teachers have a difficult time with their students, because the students seem to have more control. It's the same in so many homes.



    This country needs to stand up for what is right, not what is "politically correct."



    I am offended by the lack of respect that so many show to the sancity of life and the sancity of marriage. Do I get any laws written for me for that?



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