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    Posted April 20, 2011 by
    New Orleans, Louisiana

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    BP Blues


    I spent the last two weeks of March travelling along the Gulfcoast region reporting on what remained of the BP oilspill.  What I found on the  beaches were lots of carcasses of fish and tarballs. I even witnessed a dead turtle in Waveland while it was daily reported to me that dead turtles and dead baby dolphins were found on the beaches along the  gulfcoast. I have never seen a coastline with fewer seabirds, there were just a handfull, what I found of the birds were algae filled with all sorts of birdfeathers and in the water emptied of fish I have seen several tar mats.  I met with a family who almost daily enjoyed swimming in their bay but now faced thousands of dollars of medical bills a month because they all suffered repiratory problems, lesions, headaches, dizziness.... and their oldest son Paul suffered seizures and had to move in a wheelchair because his left leg became paralysed. Fishermen now need to travel further by boat to catch some fish, shrimps or crabs while there used to be plenty in their backyard and marshlands nearby. Some  fishermen who  enlisted on the VOO-programm told me BP sprayed dispersants about two miles from them while they were deploying booms  at sea, they were all sick.  It seems to me that spraying dispersants while people are deploying booms works contraproductive.  A  boatengineer who was near the Deepwater Horizon when it exploded had high levels of toxines in his blood.  He  needed his steroidshots to be able to breathe normally.  A  schoolteacher I met had never seen so many children sick and she had never seen so many people at the local pharmacy.  Local politicians who monitored their coastlines together with scientists, had factual discussions with BP-people because of BP's underestimated representation of tar mats along the coastline. If they did have the correct information from day one from BP, they would have closed the beaches. Marine biologists had severe concerns about the restoration of the wildlife on and off-shore.  I had the opportunity to meet with a scientist and a physician who had the courage to do the necessary testing and help the people who needed medical treatment.  If there is truly a bill from the Reagan administration that says that everything related to the petrolbusiness does not pose any healthhazard, that bill should be removed, because it seems so in contradiction with reality.  Lisa Nelson used to work on the beach as a massage therapist in Orange Beach, we met with her brother,  he witnessed her accelerated degradation and her suffering since the Deepwater Horizon explosion.  She got treated twice in an alternative cancer treatment center in California,  she did not have enough funds to continue her treatment so she was waiting to get help from BP,  but unfortunately she passed away March 7.  The  beaches may be regularly cleaned, the water may seem transparent, but if there are no fish in the sea and the seabirds stay away, there must be a raison.  You can't fake the law of nature.  It takes people to keep the economy alive but if they get sick and die because of misinformation in  the  name of the mighty dollar, on the long term it will be easier to act responsible upon reality than trying to hide the thruth from getting out there. Music written and performed by Drew Landry - Live recorded in Montgomery -  Alabama on the 22nd of March 2011 - Music courtesy of Drew Landry - this  video is dedicated to Wilma Subra and Dr. Michael Robichaux, to all the people affected by the BP Oilspill and to all courageous people who contribute to raise awareness about the real condition of the Gulfcoast region and its citizens. And to a CNN journalist who ended up being mentioned in the Oilspill report.  Stay strong. In memory of Lisa Nelson.  Check the US citizen initiative asking for breatheable clean air and healthy water http://theroadtowashington.com

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