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    Posted August 13, 2008 by
    Miami, Florida
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    Georgia-Russia conflict

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    Is World War III possible?



    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 5:46:26 PM (Story update)




    As of 20 minutes ago, reports state that the United States will be using military airplanes planes to fly into Georgia and deliver humanitarian aid. Furthermore, efforts to bring Georgia into NATO are being talked about, citing that in doing so, Russia will have to deal with a broader force.




    The reports also indicate that the U.S. is planning on sending arms to help the Georgian's defend themselves. The U.S. did just that for the Afghans when the Afghan military were fighting the Russians. In that conflict Russia was defeated.




    As a response, Russia has given the U.S. an ultimatum, citing "Either you are with us, or with Georgia.  President Bush replied "We are with Georgia." 




    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 10:49:37 EST (USA)




    Miami, FL (SOBE) - I wonder if the word is truly paying attention to the ongoing rise in military conflicts around the globe. Virtually every continent on the face of the planet is actively engaged in some form of military action, and several nuclear powers appear to be evermore vocal about their capabilities to wage war vs. any entity that provides cause.




    We have all heard of the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, and so on. Then there are the mounting pressures with Iran, N. Korea, China, and now Russia. So, I ask again, I wonder if we are paying attention to what is truly developing right before us?




    As world governments continue to wage war vs. the other (For varying reasons), I can't help but notice the vast casualties in civilian lives. Surely soldiers are killed, but goodness; civilian casualties come by the tens of thousands. Then the question becomes, are we as society so reckless as to allow so much human life go to waste at the hand of ongoing conflicts that at the end of the day could have been avoided?




    Here is food for thought. As America becomes weaker, and China and Russia continue to gain strength both economically and militarily, one has to wonder if the possibility for World War III is there. Growing concerns about these two governments are ever more evident. Now we have the issues of Georgia being attacked which is the perfect recipe for an escalated multi-national conflict.




    "Lastly, we have the radicals looking to exterminate the western hemisphere of the planet."




    Something way deep inside of me continues to tell me that we are in for a big surprise in the not so distant future and that all of these conflicts that are being ignited around the globe, are simply red flags for what is to come.




    I struggle each day to accept the fact that humanity as we know it, will cease to exist at the hands of humans.




    Keep your eyes and ears tuned, and pay close attention to developments to follow.



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